ortc Clothing Co. was brought to life by best mates Charlie Hender and Will Swale in 2016, who from a young age acquired a love for the fashion industry and timeless design. Their admiration for quality, timeless fashion quickly turned into a promising business prospect with a clear vision and concept – to create sophisticated, everlasting lifestyle pieces that can be enjoyed by their friends and fathers.

The seed of ortc Clothing Co. was just a handful of affordable and fashion forward men’s accessories. All products were entirely designed by the self-taught boys themselves having little to no fashion or design background. After great success with the first range, new products were put into production as well as the development of a sophisticated online store.

Today, the duo’s resume contains over 1000 ortc original products, a forever growing wholesale business, a new partnership with e-commerce giants The Iconic, a successful online store and their very first retail space which opened its doors in October 2020.

This is the story of ortc Clothing Co.

The Name, ORTC

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what ORTC actually stands for?
Well here is something you may want to know..
ORTC is an initialism. The boys behind ortc clothing co. began their fashion

journey by simply wholesaling their products and designs to just one local Adelaide store. This store is named one Rundle Trading Company.

Our brand name ortc clothing co. was simply brought to life by initialising this successful family owned retail and giftware store. This retailer took a chance on the boys and together had great success in the early years of ortc clothing co.

The duo quickly individualised their brand and separated association from one (O) Rundle (R) Trading (T) Company (C) and ortc clothing co. rapidly became its own brand of ageless lifestyle garments and accessories.

The boys to this day still have an amazing relationship with their first stockist and continue to stock all of their products in one Rundle Trading Company stores, however, the name and businesses are their own separate entities.

Pronunciation: ‘O’-‘R’-‘T’-‘C’ Clothing Co.

 The Logo

ortc Clothing Co. is symbolised by a small flag, horizontally striped and coloured red, white and blue. This logo is derived from the ‘Charlie’ flag used in maritime signalling.

ortc Clothing Co. has many connections to this symbol. Not only does it represent co-owner and director’s name Charlie Hender (this was not intentional, don’t worry he isn’t that vain), it more so represents the duo’s vision for a simple yet memorable logo and their favourite colours being red, white and blue. It also originates from a nautical industry which relates back to the brands common references to seaside living and love for the ocean.


Our Store

66 The Parade
Norwood, SA, 5067

Mon: 10am - 5pm
Tues: 10am - 5pm
Wed: 10am - 5pm
Thurs: 10am - 7pm
Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: 10am - 4pm
Sun: 11am - 3pm