Check In

In partnership with Kellie Finlayson & the Jodi Lee Foundation


Two words with significant meaning, to ‘check in’ can be in reference to several circumstances. Specific to me and the message I’m trying to advocate is to check in with yourself and essentially check in with your health, in all aspects - physical, mental, environmental etc. Understanding the importance of early detection with almost any health condition, particularly cancers, is essential and can have significantly different outcomes. I also encourage you to check in on your friends, your family, people in your community, you never know what kind of conversation you can spark and how that might impact someone you love, or even a complete stranger, and inspire them to navigate their own health battles. Checking in can save a life, if not yours, someone you’ve inspired. Start the conversation, I double dare you.

In Partnership With The Jodi Lee Foundation

It makes sense that I'm an ambassador for the Jodi Lee foundation, not just because they're a bowel cancer foundation but because quite simply we have the same goal - to raise awareness and advocate for early onset detection. The aim of using the simple, but effective and very relatable phrase 'check in' on items of clothing is to start a conversation between the legend wearing the jumper and a friend, family member and/or stranger, with the added and very important benefit of being able to raise funds in order to assist the foundation in their endeavours to educate people nationally. I'll continue to share my experience with the sinister disease, reminding everyone that they can catch it much earlier than I did, and by purchasing and wearing your jumper you can escalate the conversation with me.

- Kellie Finlayson

100% of the gross profits from each sale will be donated. 50% will be donated to Kellie and her family, and 50% will be donated to the Jodi Lee Foundation.

Trust Your Gut

The Jodi Lee Foundation is national charity raising awareness for the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer. Which is alarmingly Australia's leading cancer killer in 25 - 34-year-olds.

Kellie Finlayson has joined the Jodi Lee Foundation as an Ambassador to help raise awareness for bowel cancer symptoms, what they are and when to act, through the Trust Your Gut campaign.

At the core of the Trust Your Gut campaign is a user-friendly online Symptom Checker tool to help people recognise the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, when to act and see their GP.

It takes less than two minutes, and it could just save your life.