At ORTC, we're doing what we can to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our operations. Our passion for the environment drives us to continually innovate and improve how we approach the industry that we’re in. That's why our partnership with Upparel is so crucial. Together, we're helping dispose tonnes of faulty or unsellable garments in a way that benefits the environment.

Using Upparel's groundbreaking recycling material, UPtex, we've found a way to handle our unsellable or faulty products responsibly. UPtex is crafted entirely from recovered textiles, allowing us to turn waste into something valuable again. This initiative not only reduces our environmental impact but also aligns with our values and mission.



We've taken this commitment a step further by introducing a collection bin in our Parade retail store. This initiative invites you, our community, to participate directly in sustainable practices. You can now drop off any unwanted clothing, regardless of its brand or origin, ensuring that every piece is recycled or upcycled properly. This is not just about us; it's about providing a way for everyone to do their part for the planet.

Our collaboration with Upparel isn't just a part of our business strategy; it's a reflection of our commitment to the future of the planet. We're excited to push the boundaries of what we can achieve for sustainability in fashion, proving that great style and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. Together, we are paving the way for a greener future, one garment at a time.

April 22, 2024

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