How to Style Quarter-Zip Jumpers!

Whether it’s a casual BBQ with friends or an evening out on the town, you want to look good. But you also want to feel comfortable, which isn’t always possible with heavy jackets. Well, if you style your quarter zips correctly, it’s the perfect versatile clothing item. 

Quarter-zip jumpers are back in style, and it’s partly because of our move away from fast fashion. Fast fashion means buying cheap, easily disposable clothing that you need to replace regularly. Slow fashion, rather, is the idea that you buy fewer clothes but get more use out of them. Quarter zips are so versatile that you can wear them all year round. 

What are Quarter Zips? 

A quarter-zip jumper is a simple yet very effective clothing item. In many ways, it’s just like a normal sweater, except with a slight twist. Rather than having a rounded or v-neck style at the top, it has a zip that goes down about a quarter of the jumper’s length. 

You can zip it up for extra warmth if it gets cold, or if you enjoy a more casual look, zip it down and be comfortable, warm and looking great! 

Best of all, quarter zips aren’t heavy like a jacket, but they still provide plenty of warmth, making them a perfect transitional item for changing weather conditions and seasons. 

Casual Style 

We love that you can wear quarter zips in a casual setting. While you wouldn’t say they fall into the activewear category, you can certainly wear them over a pair of track pants and look perfectly respectable. Or, for that effortless summer look, wear them with a nice pair of shorts. 

It’s a great option for those cooler nights where you still want the freedom and casual look of shorts, but you also need a little extra warmth. 

Use Them as a Throwover 

There are times when you want to enjoy being out in the sun during the day and then move straight to dinner, BBQ with friends or some casual drinks. Then, of course, you’ll want the extra warmth when night rolls around, but probably not during the day. 

You can wear a quarter zip over your shoulders, tied at the front for a smart casual look while the sun is out. Then put it on properly when the sun goes down. Easy! 

Slightly More Professional for Work 

You can even wear quarter zips to work, especially if you choose a simple plain-colour design. Unless you have a strict dress code at work, you can pair your quarter zip with jeans or chinos for a casual yet professional look. 

Wear a crisp white t-shirt underneath, maybe a smart pair of boat shoes too. You’ll look and feel great while still maintaining a look that’s suitable for business. 

Add A Quarter-Zip Jumper to Your Wardrobe Today! 

At ORTC, we stock a great range of quarter zips for any occasion. These simple, timeless designs will stand the test of time, meaning you can enjoy your quarter zip for many years to come. 

Day or night, summer or winter, there’s always an occasion that calls for a classy, stylish quarter zip jumper. So if you want to check out our collection, shop now and see why everybody loves quarter zips again.

January 20, 2022