Quarter-Zip Jumpers Are In... Here's Why! 

We need to talk about quarter zips. Once favoured only by middle-aged guys, these awesome transitional items are back in style and look better than ever. You can wear them anywhere, any time, so people love them so much! 

But why are quarter zips coming back in fashion after spending a couple of decades in the back of your dad's cupboard? Here's why everybody loves quarter zips again. 

Transition from season to season 

Perhaps the most popular reason people buy quarter zips is known as transitional clothing items. That means they're perfect for transitioning from season to season. So, at the end of Summer when Autumn comes along, you might not be ready for those big, bulky jackets yet. 

But you do need a bit more coverage than the shorts and t-shirts you've been wearing. The quarter-zip gives you warmth, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable. 

At the other end of the weather spectrum, when Winter makes way for spring, you probably want to do away with the bulky coats but it's not warm enough for summer clothing yet. The answer: Quarter zips! 

A cool style without the flair 

Not everybody wants to be the centre of attention because of their clothing. Quarter zips are perfect if you prefer to look great while maintaining a smooth, understated style. Whether you choose a solid colour or something with a logo, ORTC's quarter zips definitely aren't outlandish.

Instead, they give you a classic sense of style without the flair. Who said you have to stand out in order to look great? 

Get more use out of your clothes 

Another reason quarter zips are back is the fact that people want to get more use out of their clothing. The idea of buying cheap clothes that don't last very long is known as 'fast fashion'. However, we're moving away from that because many of those cheap clothes are made by people who don't have great working conditions, nor are the materials ethically sourced. 

So, the fact that a quarter zip is something you can wear all year round is perfect for those who want to cut down the number of clothing items they buy each year. 

Seamlessly go from day to night 

We mentioned transitioning from season to season, but quarter zips are also great for going from day to night. As long as it's not a scorching hot summer day, you can be quite comfortable wearing a quarter zip while you're out and about for the day. But then you can leave it on for your evening activities. Dinner, drinks with friends, parties – you can look great for all of those things in the same casual jumper you wore all day! 

Check out our range of quarter zip jumpers today 

If you're among the thousands of people who wish quarter zips never went out of style, then you'll love the trendy new range from ORTC. But, if you don't want to fall behind in the fashion game, it's time to check out our awesome selection today. 

From casual occasions to the office, you can wear these quarter zips anywhere. So shop now, and get your hands on the latest quarter-zip jumpers made for style and comfort.

March 31, 2022