Quarter Zip Jumpers: Dorky Dad Sweater to Hottest Winter Trend

Somewhere along the line, quarter zip jumpers lost their way in the fashion world, becoming the cold weather clothing of choice for slightly dorky dads. However, in recent times, we’ve seen a resurgence in these once-maligned jumpers. 

And why not? They’re comfortable, warm, and as long as you get the rest of your outfit right, they don’t look daggy at all. Here’s why quarter zip jumpers are becoming winter’s hottest trend.

Simple, Versatile Designs 

It may be one of the reasons that they were once considered the epitome of the suburban dad, but the simplistic design of quarter zip jumpers is a significant selling point now. There are certainly some fashion styles that focus more on bold, daring designs, but there’s a massive market out there of people who don’t want to draw attention to themselves. Simple, plain colour is all that some people want, and that’s part of the appeal.


For winter trends, warmth is always a significant consideration. Nobody wants to sacrifice warmth to look good, which is why fashion brands are now putting more effort into providing weather-appropriate clothing choices that still look good. That’s precisely what you get with quarter zip jackets. 

Added warmth for those chilly winter nights and mornings, and you’ll still look great. Best of all, you won’t overheat because these jumpers are still thin enough to provide a comfortable temperature, rather than being made solely for warmth.

Crosses Several Fashion Genres 

The best way to spend your money, clothing-wise, is to find items you can wear in various situations. Business casual, smart casual, casual – quarter zip jumpers cover them all. 

As long as you’re wearing appropriate jeans or trousers, there’s nothing daggy about a nice quarter zip. Of course, you can wear them when catching up with friends, but you also won’t feel out of place going for work drinks in them either.


When choosing your clothing, there’s not much more important than comfort. Sure, you want to look stylish and stay up with the latest trends, but you still want to be comfortable. So when the weather starts turning more relaxed, you want something that looks great and gives you the added warmth you need. 

However, you don’t always want to reach straight for the heavy winter jackets in Australia because it simply doesn’t get cold enough. 

That’s why quarter zip jumpers are so popular – they’re thin enough to be comfy but warm enough to keep away those early winter chills. You may need to break out the thick jackets in the middle of winter, but quarter zip jumpers are ideal for a transitional style choice. 

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August 12, 2021