Sweaters are a staple for cooler weather. For a good reason – from warm fleece to trendy corduroy, these versatile clothing items can be worn year-round to pull together any outfit for any situation. 

One of the best features of any sweater is the details – we’re talking about the zips. 

Let’s discuss just how a quarter-zip sweater can be the perfect addition to your trans-seasonal wardrobe for 2022. 

What Are Quarter-Zip Sweaters? 

Zips have been used in clothing and shoes for more than a century and first became a sartorial talking point in the 1930s. Far from the full-length functional zips of the past, fractional zips now lead the way when it comes to trans-seasonal men’s fashion. 

The term ‘quarter zip’ refers to any zip that doesn’t reach the whole way down the garment.

Quarter-zip sweaters are among the most in-style pieces for anyone looking for a warm throw over in cool weather or to take an outfit from day tonight. 

From sports-inspired fleeces to woollen knit jumpers, the quarter-zip is here to stay – here are some of the reasons why adding one to your repertoire is the perfect choice for taking your wardrobe from winter to summer! 

Not Just For Cold Weather 

Don’t let the name fool you – quarter-zip sweaters aren’t just for cold weather! Many sweaters are made of lightweight material designed to cover skin and worn in any weather. 

A quarter-zip sweater allows the wearer to expose more skin on warmer days or cover up in cooler weather – all without sacrificing style. 

Versatile Layer 

Quarter zips are the perfect addition to any outfit due to their versatility. For example, a quarter-zip sweater can be the main focus of an outfit or unzipped to reveal a statement t-shirt or button-up shirt. 

It can add textures, layers or even turn a mock-neck sweater into a polo. Quarter zips are easily taken from day to night by adding a jacket, coat or polished chinos for a stylish flair. 

Adds Fun Details 

Zips these days are a far cry from the traditional pull-tab hardware of years past. Instead, many quarters zips come with funky ring-pulls, colourful tabs and even bright metallic hues to brighten up any outfit. 

Quarter-zip sweaters are also a great way to add patterns and colour to any wardrobe, with stripes and block colours giving texture to even the most stock-standard fit. 

Maintains Your Silhouette 

One of the downsides of a full-zip sweater is losing its structure once unzipped. Quarter zips, however, maintain their silhouette and general shape even when fully undone. 

This helps maintain the overall aesthetic of the outfit and makes you look sleek, polished and put together in any situation. 

Try A Quarter-Zip Sweater Today 

From casual get-togethers to fancy dinners, a quarter zip sweater is the perfect trans-seasonal piece to elevate your wardrobe. 

Focusing on high-quality pieces, ORTC offers affordable, fashionable sweaters to suit any style and budget. Browse our wide range of quarter-zip sweaters, or get in touch to learn just how to style your sweater for all seasons.

April 06, 2022