Quarter Zips Perfect for Him and Her

With the weather cooling down, there’s no better time to check out the amazing range of quarter zips from ORTC. But, wait a minute – quarter zips? You mean those daggy old sweaters your dad used to wear? 

Yes! Quarter zips are back in a big way, but don’t worry – they look much better than they used to. In fact, they’re very much on-trend right now as people look for better, longer-lasting fashion options. 

Best of all, ORTC’s range of quarter zip jumpers is made for men and women so that you can share them with your loved ones! 

Get more value from fashion

Nobody likes wasting money on clothes, especially in today’s environmentally conscious world. Fast fashion was a big thing for a while, where people would buy cheap, disposable clothing and replace it next year. Slow fashion, though, is the opposite, where people are now focusing on getting more value for money when buying clothes. Durability is the key because people want their clothes to last longer. 

Quarter zips can be worn at any time in almost any setting. If you choose an ORTC quarter zip, you get great manufacturing and products that stand the test of time. 

The perfect transitional item

Do you like buying clothes that you can wear practically all year round? Quarter zips are an incredibly versatile clothing, and we call them transitional because they’re perfect between seasons. So when it’s not cold enough for bulky jackets but not warm enough for t-shirts and shorts, quarter zips give you the warmth and comfort you need. 

Share the love!

Have you ever tried sharing clothes with your partner? Often, it starts as just ‘borrowing’ and soon enough, you’ll never see that item of clothing again! It’s all part of the fun. However, it’s a great way to save money on clothing if multiple people want to wear the same thing. 

Quarter-zip jumpers from ORTC are unisex so that anybody can wear them comfortably. They also last a long time because we put a lot of care into sourcing quality materials and upholding high manufacturing standards. So, since our quarter zips are durable and long-lasting, giving you value for money, it might be best to buy two if you think your partner might take yours! 

Designs everybody will love

Another great reason to choose ORTC is the variety of designs on offer. If you want something simple and trendy in a solid colour, or perhaps with a small logo, we’ve got you covered. Lighter colours for a more casual, almost sporty look? Yep, we’ve got them too. You can even find collegiate stripe designs, large logos and much more. 

Check out our range of quarter zips today

When the weather cools down, don’t reach straight for those big, heavy jackets. Quarter zips are back in style, and they’re a much better option. Versatile, comfortable, and they’ll last for years! 

You can wear quarter zips at any time of year and with almost any outfit. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now, and get your hands on the latest quarter-zip jumpers made for style and comfort.

November 21, 2023