So, you might remember back in the noughties that quarter-zip jumpers were all the rage.

If you’re not old enough to remember, then just sneak a look in your dad’s wardrobe because he probably still has one.

Quarter-zip jumpersQuarter zips were always pretty versatile and functional, but many were too thick, too heavy and not made with fashion in mind.

If we fast forward to Spring 2021, we see quarter zips burst back into fashion. But this time around, they look a lot more stylish.

It’s a bit like a reboot of a popular movie franchise, except, in this case, they’re improving on the original! So here are some tips on what to wear under a quarter zip jumper.

Colour choice is important.

Firstly, the colour choice is a pretty big deal when putting together your outfit. Most quarter-zip jumpers come in solid colours, usually dark blue, black, grey or even white.

Sometimes you’ll have a logo or a mix of colours, which is probably the big difference between the bland items from the noughties and the more stylish ones of today.

It’s worth considering the pants you wear. If you usually wear dark pants, you can pretty much get away with any colour of quarter zip jumper as long as it doesn’t match the pants exactly.

As far as what you wear underneath, the key is to create a contrast. If your jumper is darker, wear a white t-shirt. Reverse this for a lighter coloured jumper.

Consider the occasion.

You should also always consider the occasion. Quarter zips are versatile, and the beauty is you can zip up a little higher to completely hide what you’re wearing underneath.

However, if you like having the zip open, you’ll just need to consider whether the colour of your t-shirt is too bright or loud for more sedate occasions.

Beware of multiple collars.

Finally, the most important thing is to stay away from double collars. The quarter-zip jumper has a quasi-collar that can be folded down or left up, depending on your desired look.

Either way, there’s a collar visible, so don’t wear a collared shirt underneath. It just creates a bit too much activity around the neck area, and it’s also pretty uncomfortable wearing collared shirts under a jumper of this style.

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