Can you remember a time when quarter zip jumpers were everywhere? In recent times this versatile piece of clothing has been relegated to the shoulders of suburban dads who appreciate the comfort of quarter zips.

Even some of those dads elected to keep them in the back of the cupboard.

Quarter zipsHowever, fast forward to 2021 and quarter zip jumpers are making a big comeback. Let’s take a look at why these once loved jumpers are back in a big way.

Basic, No-fuss Style

There’s something to be said about simplistic fashion. Not everybody loves being noticed everywhere they go, and prefer to kick back with a more relaxed style.

Quarter zip jumpers are an incredible basic piece of clothing – it’s essentially a jumper with a zip at the top, but that’s what makes them so great. The colours are also usually quite solid. Dark navy blues or blacks are often the colour of choice.

The modern versions have been re-worked slightly to bring them in line with fashion norms, but basically, they’re a comfortable, understated way to look great for all occasions.


Speaking of all occasions, that’s another reason these clothes are making a comeback. Quarter zips aren’t formal, they aren’t casual – they sit somewhere in between.

You can pair them with a nice pair of jeans, a white t-shirt underneath, and they look quite smooth for a night out on the town.

Alternatively, you can just wear them casually too, because they still have that element of comfort. Who doesn’t love an item of clothing that can be worn almost everywhere?

They’re Great with Shorts

Ok, we all know somebody who just refuses to wear long pants. They’re in shorts no matter how cold it gets, and there’s no convincing them of any other fashion choice. While these people won’t admit their legs get cold, it’s not usually the same for the top half of their body. They want some warmth too, and that’s where quarter zips come in.

Because they’re not incredible bulky, but still give you some protection against the cold and wind, they’re perfect for those year-round shorts fanatics.

A Transitional Jumper

Quarter zip jumpers are ultimately regaining their popularity because they’re perfect for transitioning between seasons.

Coming into winter when it’s not cold enough for those big jackets, or even coming out of winter when you want to ditch the heavy coats – these are perfect times to find something that gives you warmth, but also a better range of movement and comfort.

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Quarter zip jumpers had a big following back in the noughties, and then disappeared from everywhere except your dad’s closet.

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November 19, 2021