The Quarter Zip Jumper Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere…Here’s How to Wear It!

So, you enjoy looking your best when you leave the house, but you don’t like stressing about your outfit. However, a lot of smart, simple clothing doesn’t have the impact that you’re looking for. Well, quarter-zip jumpers are here to save the day. 

The quarter-zip jumper trend has been back for a while now and isn’t going anywhere fast. Once considered a bit daggy, these versatile clothing items are back in a big way, and they’re absolutely perfect for the person who wants to look good without the hassle. Here’s how to wear your quarter zip jumper the right way. 

Quarter zips at work

Naturally, you’ll want to check your employer’s dress code before getting too excited about wearing your quarter zip to work. However, the humble quarter zip jumper is pretty inoffensive if you choose a classic solid colour, or maybe something with just a small logo. 

If you’re wearing normal business trousers, a quarter zip jumper still looks fine. You can also pull the zip down to reveal a bit of your shirt and tie, adding some extra professionalism to your look. Even if you don’t wear it all day, quarter zip is great for commuting in the colder months if you don’t enjoy bulky jackets. 

Wear them with shorts

When wearing quarter zips with shorts, you’re automatically getting a much more casual look. So, run with that theme and try to match your jumper accordingly. If you choose pastel colours, or anything different than the standard dark blue or grey, that’s a great way to start. 

Alternatively, choose a design that generally looks more casual. There are plenty available with collegiate stripes, large logos and panel stripes. These all provide a casual look; therefore, they all look great with shorts. 

The perfect casual look

You don’t need to wear shorts to look casual, which is good for people in the southern states during winter. However, if you prefer jeans, chinos, track pants or any other style of pants, you can find a quarter zip to match. 

In addition, you can create the perfect casual look by wearing a crisp t-shirt underneath. You’ll only expose the shirt around the neckline, but that’s enough to create some contrast. A dark blue quarter zip and a white t-shirt are the perfect easy-going look. 

Keeping it ultra-simple

Basically, you want to keep your look simple with a quarter zip jumper. While there are designs available that are more eye-catching than others, less is more most of the time. However, if you don’t enjoy putting too much effort into your outfit, you can still look awesome in a quarter zip sweater. 

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November 21, 2023