Versatile Ways to Style Your Quarter Zip Jumper

One of the great things about quarter zips is their versatility. You can wear them for almost any occasion and at nearly all times of the year. The other big plus is that you don’t have to do anything super special to look great in them. 

If you want to get a real impact from your look but don’t want to go to heaps of trouble, quarter zips will be your new favourite clothing item. So, let’s look at some of the ways you can style your quarter zip jumper to look great with minimal effort. 

The white t-shirt

Easily the most popular way to look awesome in a quarter-zip jumper is to keep it extremely simple. By wearing a simple white t-shirt underneath, with the neck exposed so that some of the shirts show through, you’re a winner. The good news is that the bottom half of your outfit doesn’t even need much thought. You can wear jeans, chinos, shorts – whatever you like. 

This theory applies to a darker-coloured jumper, of course. If you had a grey or white jumper, you’d be looking for additional contrast by choosing a black or navy-blue t-shirt instead. 

The work outfit

You can always wear a quarter zip jumper to work without looking out of place. As long as you choose a subtle design, such as a solid colour or a small logo, you’ll be fine in the workplace. They go well with regular business trousers and look great with a shirt and tie underneath. 

This is particularly good news for those who don’t like big, bulky jackets but also want to stay warm when commuting on those winter mornings. 

The casual jeans look

Don’t like putting too much effort into your outfit? Well, there’s not much easier than pulling on a pair of your favourite jeans. When it comes to keeping warm and looking good, jeans don’t always give you a fashionable look you desire. Especially with trendy modern jackets. 

So, the easy way to solve that problem is to wear a quarter zip. The beauty is that it covers your shirt anyway, so you don’t need to put much thought into the rest of your outfit. Jeans, quarter-zip – you’re good to go! 

Sporty style

If you still think that plain-coloured or subtle quarter zip designs are a bit boring, don’t worry. There’s something for everybody in the ORTC range. Choose from lighter pastel colours, and you instantly get a sporty look that’s great for all times of the year. If you’re wearing a quarter zip with shorts, look for those light colours, collegiate stripes or larger logos that are bound to give you more street cred! 

Check out our range of quarter zips today

You don’t need to be a fashion guru to look great in your quarter zip jumper. When you shop with ORTC, you’ll find quarter zips that look great with any outfit. Wear them at any time of year, for almost any occasion! So, what are you waiting for? Shop now, and get your hands on the latest quarter zips made for style and comfort.

November 21, 2023