What To Wear With Quarter Zips 

Dressed up or dressed down, quarter zips are the new versatile wardrobe must-have this season. So versatile that you can turn weekend casual into office casual with a quick layer change. And who doesn’t want that perfect piece suitable for any occasion? What could be better than knowing whatever situation you are stepping into? Will you be impeccably dressed? It’s something that most of us are conscious of – being appropriately attired wherever we are. 

So, if you want to know exactly how to wear quarter zips; shirts, pants, shoes, the lot – read on and discover why quarter zips should be the next addition to your wardrobe. 

The Shirt 

With a shirt, it is simple and easy to switch up your look when styling quarter zips, depending on the occasion.

For those weekend errands, go super relaxed with a t-shirt under your quarter zip, or for something slightly dressier, wear a button-down shirt open at the collar suitable for that brunch date. 

Coordinate your quarter zips with your choice of button-down to turn your work-look into work-wow. So, when you don that navy quarter zip, partner it with a checkered navy shirt to create a smooth, put-together appearance. Or, of course, a plain white shirt under quarter zips is always a classic choice. 

The Pants 

Depending on the situation, quarter zips work with almost any combination of pants. A clean pair of chinos, a button-down shirt, and your quarter zip make for a perfect business-casual look. Quarter zips can also form part of your formal office attire when matched with your suit pants and a classic button-down shirt. 

Of course, you can go for a more relaxed feel on weekends, with quarter zips and jeans being a popular mix. Combined with an untucked button-down shirt or plain t-shirt, this look is a classic and will fit you no matter your surroundings. 

The options are endless with quarter zips. You can create any number of looks that will seamlessly take you from watching the game with mates directly to dinner with your partner. 

The Shoe 

Where do we start? The beauty of quarter zips is that you can create pretty much any look you need with your choice of shirt and pants and also when it comes to shoes. For example, a smart casual work look may allow you to wear anything from leather Oxfords and walking shoes to a dressy chukka boot. Similarly, your weekend look may include an on-trend sneaker or any combination of your smart-casual work footwear. 

Overall, it will depend on your intended style as to which shoe will suit your outfit best. However, you can be guaranteed that quarter zips will be the wardrobe staple you reach for every day. 

Find Your Perfect Style With ORTC Quarter Zips 

Worn any way you wish, ORTC quarter zips will keep your look on-trend and on-point every time. Our fashion-forward approach to design provides you with a wide range of quarter zips designed with the Australian lifestyle in mind. 

Check out the must-have classic styling of our quarter zips and enhance your wardrobe with the most versatile clothing piece you will ever need.

April 06, 2022