Why Everyone Loves ORTC's Iconic Quarter-Zip Jumper  

You might be wondering why ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers have fast become an Australian clothing staple? Well, it's not difficult to work out why. Comfortable and versatile, with a timeless design, it's little wonder why quarter-zip jumpers have become an icon of the ORTC brand. 

Wear it zipped high to brace against the breeze or let your neck breathe in warmer climes, and this beloved all-rounder will see you through every season and outlast every trend. So, find out why countless Australians are already experiencing the benefits of ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers. And why you should be one of them. 

A True Classic 

In short, ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers are the classic jumper. Relaxed fit with a smooth finish, these jumpers are available in a range of cool, traditional colours that will suit every season. From solid navy and pale blue to ash grey and white, ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers come with several logo styles to choose from. 

Certainly, there is something for everyone in ORTC's collection of quarter zip jumpers. That is why it's not hard to see why Australians everywhere are raving about these jumpers. And why ORTC has become go-to for classic, stylish clothing to suit just about anyone. 

Comfort for Days 

The closest thing to a hug you can wear, ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers are made from 100% Cotton and French terry fabric, creating a super soft feel against your skin. No rough, scratchy fuzz to annoy and irritate! These quarter zip jumpers are also pre-washed to provide you with a soft and worn-in feel straight up. Meaning it won't need years of wash and wear to make it your comfy, lived-in favourite! 

With a relaxed fit and ribbed cuffs and hemline, ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers are the perfect layering jumper, with enough room for your t-shirt or button-up underneath but not too thick to add a jacket on top. 


Part zip-through, part roll-neck, part jumper, this is the one jumper that has you covered, no matter the weather, and is designed to fit the Australian climate. This jumper will keep you snug in the cold and cool in the warmth. Thus, making it the perfect all-rounder no matter where you are. 

Above all, what makes quarter-zip jumpers so popular is that it's not just for the guys. This jumper is truly versatile, boasting a style that suits both men and women alike. There are few clothing options out there that look this good across the sexes. What could be better? The brass coloured zipper and relaxed fit make quarter-zip jumpers ideal for any shape and size. Meaning everybody, everywhere, can enjoy the comfort and style of ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers. 

ORTC Quarter-Zip Jumpers 

ORTC finds inspiration in the Australian lifestyle. Timeless designs and coastal living have provided us with the basis for our range of premium clothing and accessories. Our iconic quarter-zip jumpers characterise the ORTC brand to perfection. 

With classic styling combined with comfort and versatility, ORTC's quarter-zip jumpers will remain through trend and time. So check out a true-blue Aussie favourite and grab yours today!

April 06, 2022