Elevate Your Wardrobe with Funky Socks! 

If you wear socks regularly, as most people do, you've probably given up and just settled for boring old plain black socks. So many people have because there haven't been many other options. ORTC's funky patterned socks are here to change that! 

You no longer need to settle for tired, boring socks because ORTC has a range of funky socks that aren't too over the top but certainly let you show some personality. Even in your work outfit! 

Here are just a few of the sock designs from ORTC: 

Sports themes 

Do you have a passion for a certain sport? Perhaps you're a weekend golf fanatic or spend your summer hitting sixes on the cricket pitch. We have some funky socks adorned with cool sports images, such as footballs, soccer balls, golf clubs, cricket stumps, bats and balls, plus many more. 

There are plenty of colours available, and the images are small enough that they're not overbearing. It's a cool way to personalise your outfit and show off the sports you love! 

Animals galore 

There are many animal lovers out there, so you might want to add your favourites to a cool pair of socks. You'll find your favourite pets, including the super-popular Dachies socks. In addition, if you love the marine world, there are whales, sharks, fish and other ocean-dwelling creatures to enjoy. 

Of course, if you want something a little different, you'll find plenty of fun animals like kangaroos and flamingos. The choice is yours! 

Something a little quirky 

Of course, socks don't have to be serious. You can have a bit of fun, and ORTC makes that easy with some cool, quirky designs. For example, why not wear socks covered in pineapples? Maybe some little surfers, or even seagulls! Have a bit of fun with your socks, because we've got plenty to choose from. 

Footy colours 

If you're passionate about your footy team but can't get away with wearing full-on footy socks to work, our footy socks are the perfect compromise. Not officially licensed, these socks feature a classy, simple striped design, and they're available in all of your team's favourite colours, such as Crows, Power and all of the other AFL teams. 

Simple patterns 

Want to show a bit of style without anything too zany? ORTC stocks a huge selection of patterned socks in more classic designs, such as polka dots, thick stripes, pinstripes, stars and even checks. They're available in different colours, and they're bound to elevate your sock game without going over the top. 

Put your best foot forward with patterned socks from ORTC 

Whether you love cute images of kangaroos or you want to show off your favourite footy team's colours, ORTC has the perfect socks for you. Don't let your wardrobe get old and boring before it's time. Add some colour and spice to your outfits with some of these trendy socks today. 

Now is the time to stop your outfits from slipping into the realm of the tired and stale, so look no further than ORTC! Check out ORTC's range of patterned socks today.

March 10, 2022