Here’s How You Can Style Our Patterned Socks!  

To make a remarkable impression, you must focus on the details. They are what makes a person stands out from the crowd. Regarding outfits, socks are one of the details that can completely change your look. 

Patterned socks have become a fashion trend over the past few years. You can tell a lot about a person from their socks. That is why the days of white socks are over. 

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for ways to express themselves. They do not just settle for the ordinary anymore. That is why patterned socks are becoming extremely popular. 

Here are some ways you can style patterned socks for different occasions: 

Blend In 

Choose similar colors if your goal is to make your patterned socks blend in with the rest of the outfit. For example, if you are wearing jeans, try patterned socks with shades of blue. The colour of the socks does not have to be the exact tone of the pants. 

You can go for socks that stray a couple of tones from the colour of your pants. Another way to reach a consistent look is to match the colours of your socks with your shirt. 

At Work 

It does not matter where you work; you probably wear socks to work every day. Patterned socks can add some fun to your work week. You can choose some funky patterns for a casual look. 

These will provide you (and your co-workers) with a much-needed mood boost. However, you do not need to ditch patterned socks for a more formal setting. On the contrary, the right patterned socks can be styled in a classic yet bold way. 

They will spice up your formal attire. However, keeping the colours of your patterned socks similar to that of the suit or tie is advisable for a classic look. 

For Workout 

Casual, sporty looks allow you to go all in with those crazy patterned socks. For example, you can wear brightly coloured socks to the gym. They will give you the boost you need when you are feeling a lack of motivation. 

Regarding workout/casual clothes, there are no rules for patterned socks. However, this is your chance to get creative. You can mix and match your socks with your outfit. 

Choose footwear in more neutral tones to make the crazy patterned socks shine. Are you ready to start building your outfits around your patterned socks? First, you need to shop for some quality patterned socks. 

At ORTC, you will find a great collection of premium patterned socks. In addition, we use high-quality fabrics for all our clothes and accessories. So change the look of your entire wardrobe. Start building your own patterned socks collection now!

September 29, 2022