How To Wear Patterned Socks With A Suit

Patterned socks have experienced a revolution in menswear in recent years. Thanks to stylish gents who want to make a statement with their dress socks rather than conform to the norms. Wearing the same colour socks as your suit is no longer the go-to; in fact, contrast and strong patterns have become extremely popular. 

These days, you are free to access your quirky, fun side when dressing formally, adding socks to the list of fashion accessories you need to consider when donning your suit. There are a few tricks to wearing patterned socks. However, there are a few faux pas when it comes to what works. So, we are here to give you some tips on how to wear patterned socks. 

Avoid Clashing Patterns 

Moderation is key. While socks are a great way to show off your personality, you need to make smart choices. If you are wearing patterned pants, for example, you should stay away from strong checkered socks. But, again, it's about balance. 

You may also want to start small. Begin with a more traditional pattern such as stripes or polka dots to build your confidence before transitioning to a bolder pattern such as ORTC's Navy Kangaroos or Pink Dachies, which are certain to make a statement.

Contrast but Complement 

A great rule of thumb when wearing patterned socks is to complement other colours in your outfit. Of course, you can choose to take the easy road and simply match the colour pattern in your socks to the colour of your tie. However, that can limit your choices. So, be bold and mix it up. Pick a contrasting colour and run with it. For example, a lilac shirt could be complemented by blue patterned socks like ORTC's Navy Cricketers. Similarly, a dark suit may work well with a maroon pattern for a classically tasteful look. 

Overall, it may take some practice to get right, but have fun with it. There are endless combinations to test out.

Consider Your Shoes 

When choosing the right patterned socks for your outfit, you absolutely shouldn't overlook your shoes because this can make or break your outfit. Since you are steering away from old-school matchy-matchy styling, there will be an increased focus on your feet, making your choice of footwear hugely important. 

Think about your socks. What colour and pattern have you decided on? Because the colour and pattern of your socks will influence the shoes, you should wear. For example, you would not want to pair a bold yellow pattern with your classic black Oxfords because this brings to mind a bumblebee, and that's a look that can stick to Halloween. So, keep it smart. Generally, if you are getting the combination of socks and suit right, your shoe choice will follow. 

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April 06, 2022