Men’s Sock Trends Explained: The Socks You Can Wear With Sneakers

Even though it is underrated, but footwear plays a significant role in your overall look. We cannot deny that the shirt and pants can be more noticeable. However, nowadays, it is all about socks. The new designs made socks stand out. You cannot just put on your everyday socks and forget about them. Socks now should be chosen carefully. They can make or break your entire outfit.

With these trendy socks, you will start your outfit from the toes and work your way up. People do not conceal their socks under the hems of their pants anymore. On the contrary, they do everything to show their sock off and make them stand out.

To get on this trend, you need to wear these socks right. So, kick your feet up and let’s learn more about these trendy, cool socks and how to wear them:


Mid-calf socks are trending right now. Today, you can find these socks in about any colour, pattern, any material you want. They should be your go-to socks with sneakers. These socks can also be styled with loafers, boots and about everything else.

You will love these trendy socks so much that you would not want to hide them. To show them off, you can perfectly pair these mid-length socks with shorts. The mixture of these trendy socks with visible thighs looks excellent. Many sneakers brands have used this exact look in their ads. In colder months, you can try cuffing your pants to put your trendy socks on display.

Funky Designs

The days your drawers were filled with only plain black, and white socks are over. Nowadays, bold coloured, funky patterned socks are the trend. These unique socks are more fun to wear. They will add a pop of character to any look. Their creative designs will also help you express yourself more.

If you want to play it safe, you can wear patterned socks with dark colours, such as black or navy. These more traditional socks colours can keep you a little bit under the radar. Stripes and polka dots socks are also a safe bet. These socks patterns are timeless and easy to match.

When done right, funky designed socks can be the most fun to wear. We suggest mirroring the colour of your socks with the colour of a piece you are wearing above the waistline. This will tie your whole outfit together. Avoid matching socks patterns with the rest of your clothes. Other aspects of your outfit should be toned down. This will make your socks stand out.

ORTC Socks

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October 20, 2022