Socks and Sandal Trend: Hot or Not? 

In 2020, the fashion world was taken by surprise when one of the world’s most notoriously suave and fashionable men, David Beckham, was spotted wearing white socks and black sandals. This wasn’t down at the beach or in the backyard while sipping mineral water. It was out in public at what looked to be an art gallery. 

For so long, even the term ‘socks and sandals’ has been met with an element of distaste, so to see a fashion icon like Mr Beckham rocking the look was quite a surprise. Inevitably, since then, the trend has been slowly growing in popularity.

Is It Pointless? 

Many people have argued over the years that wearing socks with sandals defeats the purpose of wearing sandals altogether. The general idea behind sandals is you want a bit of support, something a bit sturdier than thongs, but you still want the freedom of having your feet out. 

So, we can certainly see where people are coming from when they say that wearing socks with sandals is pointless. Should you just wear shoes, if you’re covering your feet anyway?

Is It Sun Smart? 

It might be drawing a pretty long bow, but is one of the benefits of this trend actually sun safety?

If you’ve ever copped a blast of sunburn on the tops of your feet, you’ll know how painful it is. Unfortunately it doesn’t get any less painful just because there’s a couple of sandal straps covering a portion of your feet. 

So, perhaps wearing socks with your sandals is a smart way to cover up from those UV rays.

It’s Been Creeping Up For A While 

You may have thought the socks and sandals trend was just a definitive no-no, but that’s not the case. 

We’ve actually seen it rising slowly since around 2018, when even skateboard and street style got in on the act. It was almost an ironic fashion choice that somehow became trendy for real. 

Then, we saw basketball culture jump on board. There was a rise in the popularity of sliders, and they were often paired with socks to create a slouchy look. So, perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised that the trend is gaining steam again?

Pandemic Fashion? 

Our final thought is that the Covid-19 pandemic may also have something to do with this shift. With so many people stuck at home, doing less and less in the social stratosphere, effortless fashion seems to have picked up steam in the last 12 months. 

Comfort and fashion have often been at loggerheads throughout history, but perhaps now we’re finally seeing the two come together. If you’re comfortable, you’re trendy!

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October 20, 2022