The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Novelty Socks to the Office

Statement socks are back in a big way, but that always raises a question. Can you wear them to work? 

Well, in some cases, you can, and in others, you can’t. It depends a bit on your uniform and dress code. Here are the things to consider when wearing statement socks to the office. 

Obviously, keep it clean

Like anything you wear in the office, you need to consider how it might affect those around you. It's not the 80s anymore, so you can't wear crass slogan t-shirts on a casual day and get away with it. 

The same goes for your loud socks. Of course, you're probably not likely to find novelty socks that are too offensive, but it’s always worth considering. We're sure if you looked hard enough you could find socks that many would consider being bad taste. 

Go as crazy as you want with patterns, but just be careful of any images or text on the socks. 

Ensure it suits your profession.

Also, you need to consider the workplace you're in and the standards upheld there. Many businesses have a dress code, while some are just quite strict in how they think you 'should’ dress. 

While we’re all for maintaining your individuality, if it hurts your career or gives you an unprofessional reputation, it’s probably not worth it for the sake of socks. 

If your workplace is pretty relaxed, though, then you should definitely make a statement with your socks. Choose colours and patterns you like, or designs that represent something you love. 

Casual days – go for it!

Even if you’re in a stuffy workplace, there’s usually a casual day here and there. So, make the most of it! Put your statement socks on full display and let people see your lighter side. That’s what casual days are all about – removing some of the constraints on your clothing for the day. You can also probably get away with wearing shorts, depending on your profession, so that gives you an extra chance to show off your cool new socks. 

Don’t go too bold with colour.

While colourful is great, there’s a time and a place. If you’re in an office that isn’t too strict on the dress code, but you still require a level of professionalism, then it probably doesn’t pay to go too crazy. 

Choose colours that match well with the rest of your look, because you don’t want your socks to look ridiculous. There’s a line between fun and downright crazy! 

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October 20, 2022