The New Rules to Follow When it Comes to Sock Wearing in 2022!

We need to talk about socks. It’s not a glamourous topic, but it needs to be mentioned. Socks can be extremely boring, and we all know that. But they don’t have to be. For fashion-savvy people, socks are the perfect way to spice up your outfit. 

We’re not talking about your boring old black business socks. Rather, our range of awesome patterned socks. That’s right! It’s totally fine in 2022 to let some of your personality shine through with your choice of socks. 

Here are some tips to look great in your new funky socks. 

Colour – less is more

Ok, we know patterned socks usually make you think about bright, bold colours. But you can get a great look from your socks without going overboard. ORTC has plenty of subtly patterned socks that won’t look out of place with your regular outfit. 

The less is more theory, though, applies more to the rest of your outfit. If you want to make an impact with your socks, don’t wear bright, colourful shoes. Your shorts or trousers should also be reasonably solid regarding colour. This avoids clashes and helps your socks stand out more. 

Wearing patterned socks with shorts

Speaking of shorts, can you wear patterned socks with them? Absolutely! And the best thing is there are almost no rules. When wearing shorts, you can have your socks pulled up or down. It’s totally up to you. Many people think that if you wear patterned socks with shorts, you may as well pull them up and put them on display. We couldn’t agree more, but if you’re a socks-down person, that works too. 

Can you wear patterned socks at work?

You can wear patterned socks to work, although the disclaimers should be that you’ll need to check your workplace’s dress code. Some places are extremely strict, in which case you might want to keep the colours for the weekend. But if your workplace is pretty cool with what you can wear, go for it. 

Even when you wear business trousers, your socks can still be seen while sitting down, so you’ll get a bit of mileage out of them because the colour or images will be eye-catching. 

Always match socks with your personality

Finally, make sure your socks represent your personality in some way. ORTC offers socks with heaps of cool little images such as animals, food and things to show off your hobbies and interests. Remember, when it comes to fashion, you do you! 

Put your best foot forward with patterned socks from ORTC

If you want some colour in your outfit, patterned socks are a good way to go. Understated yet impactful, our socks are a great addition to any wardrobe. Plus, they make amazing gifts for your loved ones. Take a browse through our collection of stylish socks today, and you’re bound to find something that suits your personality. Check out ORTC’s range of patterned socks today.

November 21, 2023