The Return of the Statement Sock

Are you ready to make a statement with your socks? Now is the time, because colourful socks are back in a big way. 

Show some personality

The great thing about statement socks is the ability to show a bit of personality. Sure, you’ve probably got plenty of clothing items like t-shirts that put your ideals, values or interests on display. 

But why stop there? We’ve moved past a time where colourful socks were only seen as a novelty item, and now they’re forming a big part of people’s fashion identity. 

Especially when wearing shorts, you can wear statement socks on full display, but even with long pants, you can give them some exposure when sitting down. 

With so many different patterns and designs available, why go back to the boring black socks you’ve worn for years? 

A range of different styles

When you choose a pair of colourful, patterned socks, you’ve got a couple of choices. You can just pick a team that you think looks great, or you can make it a bit more personal. For example, if you love dogs, grab a pair of socks with images of dogs. 

If you love a certain footy team, choose their colours. But if you just want something a little different and unique, there are plenty of patterns like spots and stripes that add some flair to your look without necessarily having a meaning. 

On full display, or slightly hidden?

The next question is whether to put your statement socks on full display or to keep them a bit hidden. 

Well, they are statement socks, after all, so why not try to make a statement? When you’re wearing shorts, you can pull them up and let everybody see them. Socks pulled up is right back in fashion again, so it’s a cool casual look for the warmer months. 

Alternatively, you can wear them pulled down in a pair of shorts, so you get a bit of colour, but the pattern isn’t necessarily in full view. 

Another way to wear them is with ankle pants, and this creates a fresh, modern and very fashionable look if you get the colour matching right. 

Are statement socks suitable for work?

Finally, is it cool to wear statement socks at work? Well, it depends on your job and where you work. 

Some businesses have a strict dress code. Others just have very professional expectations when it comes to clothing. So, you may need to keep your loud socks for the weekend. But if your dress code at work is pretty relaxed, then go for it! 

Check out our range of statement socks today.

If you’ve got drawers full of boring socks already and you want to mix things up a little, then now is the time. 

Spring 2021 is seeing the return of the statement sock, which means you can get some more colour in your outfit without looking weird! 

ORTC has a huge range of statement socks, from your favourite football team’s colours through to classic nautical designs and much, much more. 

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October 20, 2022