ORTC is a Sustainable Swimwear Brand You Need to Know About

We take sustainability seriously here at ORTC. There’s always more work to do, which is why we’re always focused on improving the way we do things in an environmentally conscious way. 

We’re not 100% there yet, but we’re certainly on the way. So that’s just one of the reasons we believe we’re a brand you should know about. 

Embracing slow fashion

What is slow fashion? 

Well, it’s a focus on creating products that can be worn for a long time. This is because so much of the fashion industry is based on fast trends, meaning people buy items they wear a couple of times and then they’re out of style. 

From a manufacturing point of view, this also means that items are churned out as quickly as possible so that labels can jump onto the latest trends. 

This often results in processes that use a lot of water, are harmful to the environment, and offer very little protection for the workers who make the clothes. The only positive thing about fast fashion is that it’s usually inexpensive. 

At ORTC, we prefer to focus on quality and sustainability. Therefore, we only use ethical manufacturing processes, and our designs are timeless and classic. 

We’ve deliberately structured our range this way because it should decrease your need to go and buy more and more fast fashion items. When you stock your wardrobe with high-quality products that are built to last, you’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire fashion industry. 

Recycled packaging

All of our packaging are now 100% recycled and biodegradable, so you know that when you buy from ORTC, you’re getting thoughtful, considered packaging. 

You can even re-use it yourself and keep putting the ‘cycle’ into ‘recycle’. There’s enough harmful plastic in our world and our oceans, so we don’t see any reason to add to it further! 

Recycled fabrics     

All of our swim shorts are now made from 100% recycled polyester, and we’re always looking at other ways to incorporate more sustainable fabrics into our range. 

We’ve seen from the development of fully recycled polyester swim shorts that the quality hasn’t decreased. So we can still deliver durable, high-quality items while having less impact on the environment, which is important to us. 

Check out our range of swim shorts today.

Sustainability is something we’re always working on here at ORTC. We’re committed to using recycled yarns, fabrics and recycled, biodegradable packaging. 

In particular, our entire range of swim shorts is now made from 100% polyester. But just because it’s sustainable, that doesn’t mean we’ve sacrificed any quality. 

We still maintain the highest manufacturing standards no matter what materials we use. So, if you need some new swim shorts as you get ready for summer, then check out our amazing range. 

You’ll find plenty of patterned swim shorts, as well as solid colours for a sophisticated, understated look. So shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

October 20, 2022