Nowadays, swim shorts are not meant to be worn just at the beach. They should also double as regular shorts. That is why you need to choose premium quality, fashionable swim shorts. 

The fabric of your swim shorts should be lightweight and dry quickly. It should also withstand the sun, sand, and water. Finally, remember that these swim shorts' design should also look good on you. 

At ortc Clothing Co., our range of swim shorts covers all the above requirements and offers so much more. Our swim shorts provide maximum comfort inside and outside the water. In addition, they come in stylish designs that you can easily dress up or down. 

Here is why our swim shorts are the perfect addition to any wardrobe:

Highly Comfortable

Whether you're taking a quick swim or going out for dinner, your swim shorts should keep you comfortable. Our swim shorts have several features to offer you excellent comfort. 

The elastic waistband with drawstring, for example, gives you extra mobility. It will also make the swim shorts more adaptable to small weight fluctuations. 

All our swim shorts are made of recycled polyester. This quick-drying fabric performs well in water. Once you get out, it will dry fast. More importantly, your swim shorts will maintain their shape. 

They will not wrinkle or shrink. This way, your swim shorts will be ready for your next out-of-the-water adventure in no time. 

Chafing can be a significant problem in swim shorts. That is why our swim shorts have internal fine mesh briefs. This way, you can rest assured that everything will stay comfortably in place.

 The internal mesh briefs provide underwear-like support and security. You will not need to wear anything underneath our swim shorts. 

Complementing Design

While swim shots should be comfortable and functional, they should also make you look great. Your swim shorts will be the only thing you wear at the beach. So you need to choose swim shorts that flatter your shape. 

To complement all body types, our swim shorts are mid-length. They hit mid-thigh, showing just the right amount of leg. Any man will look great in these mid-length swim shorts. 


Not all swim shorts can be worn in the water or out. Flashy, in-your-face patterned swim shorts will not be suitable in most places. They are difficult to style and will always look like swim shorts. 

The variety of classic patterns and shades we offer makes our swim shorts suitable to wear for surfing or to a dinner party. In addition, they can easily double as regular shorts. 

You can also easily dress these swim shorts up or down. They will look great with most items in your wardrobe. That is why these swim shorts are all you need. 

Invest in swim shorts you can wear day and night. Check out our swim shorts collection now!

November 21, 2023