Trend Alert: Why You Need Patterned Swim Shorts

With many of us struggling to remember what the warmer weather was like, it’s possible you haven’t been shopping for swim shorts in a little while. However, as spring approaches that can only mean one thing. Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your beach wardrobe ready again.

This year we’re seeing a massive rise in the popularity of patterned swim shorts. No longer do you need to wear plain old boring shorts when you hit the beach or the pool, because patterns are back in a big way. 

Fun In The Sun 

Ok, so let’s consider the main reason you really need patterned swim shorts this year. Because they’re fun! Summer is meant to be a time of fun, laughter, relaxation and great times with friends. You should be able to let your clothing reflect your desire for good times, and that’s why colourful, patterned swim shorts have come back so strongly. 

We’ve all either lived through or seen footage of all the colours on display in board shorts of the 80s, and while we’re not proposing a return to Fluro, we love the fact that summer is all about colourful fun again. Say what you will about 80s fashion, they sure looked like they had a lot of fun. 

You Don’t Need To Match With A Top 

So, it might sound obvious, but unless you’re a bit over the top with your sun-safe rituals, you’re likely not wearing a shirt while swimming at the beach or in the pool. So, since your swim shorts are the only clothes you’ve got on, matching your outfit doesn’t really come into play. That’s why you can really go as loud as you like with the design of your shorts, because it won’t distract from any other items of clothing.  

If you do need to throw on a shirt when you get out of the water, though, there are some tips. Try not to pair your patterned swim shorts with a Hawaiian or loud summer shirt. It’s just too much colour and looks garish. Not in a good way. Stick with a plain coloured t-shirt or shirt, and it should match reasonably well with your patterned swim shorts. 

Double Them As Casual Shorts 

For quite a while now, the fashion world has been moving away from plain summer clothing. That’s certainly true for shorts, because even men’s casual shorts have been taking a decidedly floral, Hawaiian or otherwise patterned turn lately. For those who don’t like stressing about their clothes when they head out to the beach, this is actually a Godsend. 

A few years ago, swim shorts started getting really colourful again, but casual shorts stayed quite plain. Now, they all look pretty similar. So, you can get away with going for a swim, dry out, and go about your day wearing the same shorts. No problem! 

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