Why ORTC's Swim Shorts are a Summer Wardrobe Staple 

It's time to start planning on what you'll wear to the beach now that summer is fast approaching. You can be a fashion victim in daggy old swim shorts, or you can get your hands on ORTC's great new summer range. 

After the year that has been 2021, it's natural that you'd be looking forward to leaving the house and enjoying some fun in the sun. As a result, ORTC has released a range of swim shorts that are sure to become a summer wardrobe staple.

A Range of Designs to Choose From 

Here at ORTC, we pride ourselves on creating timeless yet modern designs that everyone can enjoy. Inspired by seaside living and nautical themes, you'll find plenty of different striped designs, which always evoke a feeling of summer. There's much more than that, though, with polka dots, floral/Hawaiian themes and even checks. The range of colours is diverse, so if you've got a shade that you look great in, you'll be able to find it at ORTC.

High-Quality Manufacturing 

We use only the best manufacturing processes at ORTC, with stringent quality-checking procedures to ensure that we only sell high-quality products. The same diligence applies in choosing our materials, and when it comes to swimming shorts, we use 100% recycled polyester.

Polyester is terrific for swim shorts for several reasons. Firstly, it dries easily, which is great if you're lounging on the beach and want to get back in your car. It's also soft and wrinkle-resistant, meaning our swim shorts look great and feel comfortable at the same time. Perhaps even more importantly, polyester swim shorts retain their shape even after repeated exposure to UV rays and chlorine.

Wear Them as Casual Shorts 

Because we know that you want to look great for summer, ORTC puts a lot of effort into the design of swim shorts. That's because we know that people in today's busy world don't always have time to go and change clothes between every activity. So if you've been to the beach, but you want to go and hang out with friends in the afternoon, you can wear your ORTC swim shorts as casual shorts too!

Great for the Environment

Gone are the days where fashion was the environment's enemy. Many brands now realise the benefits of sustainable manufacturing practices and recycling materials. For example, here at ORTC, we make all of our swim shorts from 100% recycled polyester. So, while you get all the same benefits of regular polyester, you can feel good about yourself because you're wearing some environmentally-friendly gear this summer.

Check Out Our Range of Swim Shorts Today

Our swim shorts are 100% recycled polyester, so they look good while looking after the environment. You'll find plenty of different styles, including very nautical striped options, dotted, and of course, the always trendy floral/Hawaiian designs. For the best range of swim shorts this summer, look no further than ORTC. So shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

April 06, 2022