Get Your Wardrobe Summer-Ready With ORTC Swim Shorts!  

Summer is almost here. Before hitting the surf, you must get ready with the perfect beachwear. You want to get swim shorts that feel comfortable yet look flattering and trendy. 

After all, these swim shorts will be the only item of clothing you wear in the water. It would help if you got everything right when choosing new swim shorts. You want to focus on swim shorts that come square. 

You do not want them to be too tight or too baggy. The swim shorts should be just the right fit and length. In addition, you can get swim shorts with colourful patterns to add a trendy look. 

At ORTC, we offer the best collection of trendy swim shorts that suit every shape and style. So, we have you covered if you want to make a splash with your trendy summer look or go for a relaxing holiday. 

Here is a guide on how to choose the best swim shorts for you: 

The Right Fit 

Do the swim shorts fit you? You want well-cut swim shorts that fit you just right. They should not make you feel squeezed or uncomfortable. You need to move freely in your swim shorts. 

Our swim shorts are well-tailored. They complement all shapes and need the right fit, not too tight or loose. You should be able to tuck your fingers inside the waistband of the swim shorts. If there is a bigger room, the swim sort is too loose. 

Colour and Print 

Our swim shorts come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. If you feel confused about which to pick, you can take your style and skin tone as a guide. Usually, bright, neon colours look better on darker skin tones. 

Swim shorts in colours like navy, dark green, and black are safer choices. They suit everybody. The collection of our swim shorts also includes some cool patterns. 

You can choose a style that reflects your personality. In general, brighter patterned swim shorts draw attention to you. Darker colours, on the other hand, help make you look slimmer. 


Do not be afraid to show off a little leg. When it comes to swimming shorts, shorter is often better. In general, trendy swim shorts should hit above the knee. Ultimately, it all comes down to wearing the swim shorts confidently. 

At ORTC, you will find a great collection of trendy swim shorts. They are all you need this summer to have the perfect wardrobe. The inspiration behind our swim shorts was built to reflect a lust for the Australian coast and summers spent by the ocean. 

Welcome the summer in style. Order your must-have swim trunks now!

September 29, 2022