How to Take Your Swim Shorts from the Beach to the Bar!

ORTC swim shorts are made from recycled polyester, which means they dry out easily and hold their shape well. This is especially important if you want to wear your shorts at the beach and then straight to the bar afterwards. 

Here are a few suggestions to make sure you can wear your awesome ORTC swim shorts all summer round, whether you’re hitting the beach or chilling with friends. 

Quick-dry materials

When choosing a pair of swim shorts for summer, you always want quick-drying material. Especially if you intend to keep them on for the rest of your day’s activities. ORTC uses recycled polyester for our swim shorts, and not just because it’s better for the environment. 

Polyester dries quite quickly and also doesn’t lose its shape very easily. So, whether you’re swimming in cold water or a heated pool, the temperature won’t damage your shorts. Plus, since they dry quickly, you can be off the beach and into the bar without an outfit change. 

Pair your shorts with a modern summer shirt

Most swim shorts have a fairly casual, summery look to them. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them out to the bar or café, but it does mean you need to get the rest of your outfit right. Wearing designer shirts with a pair of swim shorts is going to be a bit odd, even if your swim shorts look great. 

So, look for casual shirts or t-shirts that match the colours and style of your swim shorts. That way, nothing looks out of place, and you can fit in anywhere. 

Choose easy footwear for the beach and beyond.

Footwear is definitely a consideration if you’re going from beach to bar. A pair of thongs or sandals might be great for the beach, but most bars won’t want you wearing them in there, especially at night. 

 Having said that, if your footwear is too big, such as sneakers, it will look a bit strange with swim shorts at the beach. 

As a happy medium, look for a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes to match your shorts. You’ll be comfortable and look great no matter where you go! 

Don’t forget appropriate underwear!

Finally, you need to think about your underwear choices if you’re moving from the beach to the bar. Of course, if you’ve got somewhere to do a quick change, you can put clean ones on underneath. 

 Of course, that also means carrying a bag, and really, if you had those luxuries, you’d probably change your shorts too. If you’re not going to change anything, go for some proper swimwear briefs because they’ll dry out properly along with your shorts. 

Check out our range of swim shorts today.

We use stringent quality control and the highest manufacturing standards to create our swim shorts. That’s why you can wear them whether you’re in the surf, hanging out at the pool or chilling with friends in a bar or café. Why have more shorts than you need when ORTC gives you shorts you can wear anywhere? 

We’ve got designs that suit everybody’s tastes, so you’ll be looking great and feeling comfortable all year round. If you’d like to buy online, simply shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC. Otherwise, come and visit our Adelaide store and check out the range for yourself!