What to wear for a day at the beach? In the past, this question had just one simple answer: "Any piece of swimwear!" Men did not give much attention to their beach style. Today, swimwear has come a long way. 

Mid-length swim shorts are now trendy. They complement all body types and are comfortable to wear all day. 

A pair of swim shorts shouldn't be limited to the beach. You can find swim shorts in all kinds of patterns. The shorts look like any other pair of well-tailored shorts, despite being made of quick-drying material. You can go in and out of the water while wearing your swim shorts. 

Finding the right swim shorts is not the end of the journey. You should also style them properly to get a trendy, fashionable look. Here are some tips to help you style your stylish swim shorts:

Find the Right Top

Unlike other swimwear, mid-length swim shorts are easy to style. They go well with almost all types of summer tops. From t-shirts to linen shirts, well-designed swim shorts look great with anything.

For a funky, casual look, pair your mid-length swim shorts with a cool t-shirt. Wear a buttoned-down linen shirt or a polo shirt if you want to look dressier. 

Balance Patterns

Trendy swim shorts come in a wide variety of patterns and prints. The bolder the design on your swim shorts, the better. However, you must feel comfortable pulling off this style. 

It's essential to carefully style swim shorts with patterns. Even if you aim for an eye-catching look, you should be careful not to go over the top. So, if your swim shorts feature vibrant patterns, choose a plain shirt or t-shirt. 

On the other hand, basic swim shorts need a patterned top to bring the style to life. Wearing an utterly simple outfit is considered too conservative for the beach. 

Choose Complementing Colours

Summer is all about wearing bright colours. The beach is a great place to experiment with new colours. First, however, make sure that your swim shorts do not clash with the colours of your top.

All colours should harmonise. If you're a bold dresser, go for a palette of vibrant colours. Darker shades are suitable for classic dressers. The most important thing is to wear your swim shorts with confidence.

At ORTC, our swim shorts collection offers a variety of colours and patterns to suit all tastes and personalities. We specialise in classic prints and patterns. That is why our swim shorts designs have a trendy look. 

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November 21, 2023