Men’s fashion trends are not just for regular garments anymore. Beachwear trends are also now a huge topic. This summer, going to the beach will be all about trendy swim shorts. These will keep you looking stylish in and out of the water. 

Mastering swimwear fashion trends is a challenging task. You have a very small amount of fabric to style. However, these must-have swim shorts will elevate your look on the beach with minimum effort. 

The bold colours, mid-length, and eye-catching patterns make the swim shorts perfect for all tastes and body types. 

Here are the top swim shorts trends to follow for summer 2022:


This year, you need to say goodbye to your long board shorts. Swim Short trends do not include any length below the knee. Mid-length swim shorts are more comfortable to wear and swim in.

Flower Power 

It is not a new trend. Flowery patterns have long been in the summer fashion scene. However, this year, variations of this trend are making a strong appearance in swim shorts. Abstract patterns with bright colours are a top trend. 

However, wear dark floral swim shorts if you want something more subtle. 

Colourful patterned swim shorts will add a sense of fun to your holidays. Swimming shorts allow you to explore new styles, even if they are different from your usual preference. Choose smaller patterns for your swim shorts if you have a small frame.

Bigger prints swim shorts will suit someone with a large frame.

Maritime Look 

This season, swim shorts trends embrace the maritime look with a twist. Trendy striped swim shorts can easily be styled. All you need is a basic t-shirt and a summer shirt. 

This swim shorts trend works with all body types. If your body still needs to be beach ready, choose swim shorts with bold vertical stripes. Horizontal striped swim shorts will add a little width to slimmer body types.  

Tailored Cut 

Many of us have spent the past couple of years in sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. But it is time to dress up more, even at the beach. That is why tailored swim shorts are trending this summer.

These swim shorts will help you look stylish in and out of the water. We are an Australian-based clothing and lifestyle label. Our swim shorts designs were all inspired by timeless fashion and coastal living.

Stay fashionable, even underwater. So order your trendy swim shorts now!
November 10, 2022