New Season Swim Shorts Perfect for That Upcoming Vacation! 

Whether you’re heading overseas or just getting away for a weekend somewhere a bit warmer, swim shorts are always high on the ‘must-pack’ list. So rather than getting caught short when you arrive, why not buy them now? 

ORTC stocks a massive range of swim shorts made from quality materials designed for comfort and style. You want to look good while you’re on holiday, right? Well, don’t wait another minute – check out the awesome ORTC range today! 

Made for absolute comfort 

Looking great is one thing, but when you’re on holiday, you also want maximum comfort. You can’t enjoy a relaxing day at the beach if you’re not comfortable in your shorts. We use premium-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our shorts fit great, hold their shape and even dry quickly. 

Whether you’re lounging on the beach or going out for a shopping expedition, our swim shorts give you absolute comfort every time. 

Go straight from the beach to the bar 

We use recycled polyester for our swim shorts. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also a fast-drying material. That’s important to us because we want you to be able to enjoy your ORTC swim shorts no matter where you are. So if you’re hanging out at the pool, you can let your shorts dry and happily head off to a nearby café for lunch. 

You can even have an afternoon dip in the ocean and head straight to the bar. Basically, fast-drying shorts give you convenience and flexibility because you don’t have to keep heading back to the hotel room for a change of clothes. 

Long-lasting fashion choices 

Quality manufacturing means your clothes last longer. People these days are growing tired of fast fashion items that only last a year. Instead, they want value for money, which means swim shorts that you can wear year after year, not just once while you’re on holiday. 

The idea of long fashion is much better for the environment, and overall, it’s better for your wallet too. 

Always look your best 

If you love classic and sophisticated designs that still look modern, look no further than ORTC’s swim shorts. Whether you like stripes, dots, floral, colourful, or other styles, you’ll find them here. People also love our Indigenous artwork-inspired designs, which are big sellers every year. 

If looking great is important to you, check out the cool range of swim shorts designs here at ORTC! 

Check out our range of swim shorts today 

If you’re escaping some of Australia’s winter to jet off into the other hemisphere, or even just from a cold state to a warmer one, you’ll need some new swim shorts. Here at ORTC, we don’t believe you must choose between high-quality clothing and looking great. Instead, we deliver both with amazing designs paired with the highest manufacturing standard. 

Come and try them for yourself, and we’re positive you’ll love what you see. If you’d like to buy online, simply shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

March 17, 2022