Stylish Swim Shorts for 2022 

With plenty of summer days still to come, it’s time to have a look at some of the stylish shorts on offer from ORTC. Remember, all of our shorts are made from recycled polyester due to our commitment to the sustainable fashion manufacturing process. 

That doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality, though, as we have strict production standards and use the highest quality materials. 

Recycled polyester breathes well, dries easily and won’t lose its shape even after repeated washing. So, let’s dive into the deep end and check out some great swim shorts for 2022. 

Manly Swim Shorts 

The manly range is extremely popular, especially for those who enjoy a slightly nautical look. Featuring a solid blue band around the waist and quality drawstring, you can choose between two different colours. Manly Pink is a vertical strip of pink and white, while Manly Navy is navy blue and white. You can also get these shorts in red and white. 

The cool thing about these shorts is the stripes are quite thin, which adds to the nautical feel. 


If you’re not a fan of long stripes but still love clear, crisp lines, then checked shorts are definitely for you. We’ve got a few different styles at ORTC featuring checks, starting with the Horrock range, a classic blue and white check pattern. 

For something a little extra, check out the Robe shorts. These feature a tight checked design and incorporate classy nautical images of anchors. 

Conversely, the Noosa shorts are similar, but rather than anchors, you’ll get images of fish in the foreground of the checked pattern. 

Horizontal Stripes 

While many of our nautical style shorts feature vertical stripes of different sizes, another cool look is to flip those stripes and make them vertical. You can find this design in our Port Willunga shorts, which come in red and blue or navy blue and white stripes. 

Check out our Torquay shorts if you’d prefer the vertical design to be a little more fluid. Rather than solid straight stripes, you get a vertical wave design, which is super summery! 

Indigenous Designs 

We love gaining inspiration from indigenous artwork, and we’ve done just that with a couple of our swim shorts ranges. For example, ORTC’s Bush Tucker Dreaming shorts feature artwork based on an Aboriginal style that relies heavily on circles. 

For something a little different, our Ngarrindjeri Dreaming shorts also feature Aboriginal art, but they include a variety of shapes and patterns. These are both great designs and help to highlight the importance that traditional Aboriginal art still holds in Australian culture to this day. 

Check Out Our Range of Swim Shorts Today 

As mentioned, we’re committed to producing stylish, hard-wearing and durable swim shorts with sustainable practices. Our recycled polyester swim shorts feel great, look great, and have a lesser impact on the environment. SO, if you want some great shorts for summer that you can feel good about, look no further. 

Whether you’re a pool kind of guy or you love hitting the beach, we’ve got styles to suit everybody. Shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

February 10, 2022