Today, swim shorts aren't just for wearing at the beach. Trendy swim shorts are stylish enough to wear day and night. You will not need to change if you go on a casual outing or to a family gathering. 

Spending so much time in your swim shorts makes style and comfort equally essential. So choose swim shorts that look and feel good.

Here are some things to look for when shopping for trendy swim shorts:

Perfect Length

Long swim shorts are not comfortable to swim in. But, on the other hand, short swim shorts are unsuitable for social gatherings. That is why mid-length swim shorts are becoming extremely popular. Nearly every man looks great in mid-length swim shorts. 

Flattering Colours

Summer is all about bright, vibrant colours. However, in the end, you should choose swim shorts colours that complement your look. Feel free to try swim shorts in shades or patterns you do not usually wear. 

Generally, swim shorts of darker colours look great on paler skin tones. For example, choosing navy or dark green swim shorts will be more suitable in this case. For darker-skinned men, swim shorts in brighter shades will be more flattering. You can go for colours like pink, yellow, and pastels. 

Different Patterns

Trendy swim shorts come in different patterns. Choose something that reflects your personality. Get swim shorts with stripes or subtle patterns if you lean toward classic designs. For daring fashion choices, bolder-patterned swim shorts will be better.

Make sure the pattern you choose complements your body type. For example, swim shorts with horizontal stripes will make you look wider. Vertically striped swim shorts, on the other hand, give the illusion of a longer body shape. 


The best swim shorts should look better on you. They should also feel comfortable. Therefore, functionality is also another critical aspect to look for in swim shorts. 

They might look like regular shorts, but you should also be able to swim comfortably in these swim shorts. 

ORTC has a selection of swim shorts that meet all of your requirements. We use recycled polyester for mid-length swim shorts. This fast-drying material is lightweight, so you can easily swim. As a material, polyester is soft and wrinkle-resistant. 

All swim shorts have internal fine mesh briefs for maximum comfort and support. You will not need to wear anything under our swim shorts. If your weight fluctuates during the summer, do not worry. 

Our swim shorts come with an elastic waistband and a drawstring. So you can easily adjust the waist size to get a perfect fit. 

Looking stylish at the beach does not mean you should give up on comfort. So order your swim shorts now!

November 21, 2023