Today, wearing swim shorts outside the beach or pool area is not a fashion no-no anymore. Swim trunks that can double as regular shorts are gaining more popularity. 

When styled correctly, the suitable swim shorts can make you look more fashionable than any other summer wear. 

At ortc Clothing Co, we understand that swim shorts are not just all about fashion. They should also offer functionality in the water. That is why we have created swim shorts that provide the perfect balance. 

You can comfortably swim in these lightweight shorts. Out of the water, our swim shorts will dry quickly. You will be ready to head to dinner or drinks in just a few minutes. 

Here are some of the features our swim shorts offer in water and dry land:

Stylish Design

In general, it is totally fine to wear swim shorts to restaurants or for a night out. You just need to ensure your swim trunks look and feel like regular shorts. Otherwise, the swim shorts will not be suitable for your summer outings. 

To provide you with the perfect style, we have designed our swim shorts to look like regular ones. Therefore, they are ideal to wear to the pool or for dinner. 

The internal fine mesh briefs will give you the coverage and support you need. In addition, you will not have to wear anything underneath these swim shorts. This will provide you with a slimmer, more stylish look. 

High-Quality Material

You need swim shorts made of durable material suitable for swimming in. The fabric of your swim shorts should not also look too sporty. Otherwise, the swim shorts will look too odd if you wear them to a party or a bar. 

We know how critical the fabric choice is to swim shorts. Therefore, all our swim shorts are made of 100 percent recycled polyester. This material will not dry quickly. 

Whether wet or dry, the recycled polyester will always keep you comfortable. But, of course, it also looks like just regular shorts fabric. 

Classic Prints and Patterns

Nothing screams beachwear like tropical, flashy swim shorts patterns and prints. But you need something more classic to transition from the beach to a formal dinner. 

For a timeless design, our swim shorts come in classic prints that suit all tastes, like stripes and checks. You can also choose from various colours that capture the essence of the coastal Australian lifestyle.  

Perfect Fit and Length

Avoid swim shorts that are too tight or too baggy. More tailored swim shorts will look more appropriate for dressier occasions. 

The length of your swim shorts is also critical. Something too short and revealing, like speedos, will not be suitable to wear outside the beach. That is why our swim shorts have a mid-length, tailored fit. 

Get versatile swim shorts you can wear almost anywhere. Place your order now!

November 21, 2023