Nowadays, swim shorts are no longer just for wearing on the beach. They should also double as regular shorts that you can wear almost anywhere. That is why the aspects that make great swim shorts have changed drastically. 

You need to choose swim shorts that look stylish and trendy. The swim shorts should also feel comfortable in and outside the water. Practicality is also key. 

You want to wear swim shorts that perform well in water. The swim shorts should also be excellent quality to appear as regular shorts.

At ortc Clothing Co., we bring you swim shorts that tick all the criteria mentioned above and much more. With our swim shorts, you will not need anything else all summer. Here is why:

Flattering Cut

On the beach, you will be wearing nothing but your swim shorts most of the time. That is why you must choose flattering swim shorts that do not need anything else to complement your look. That is why we have selected a mid-length cut for our swim shorts. 

Mid-length swim shorts are flattering to all body types. These swim shorts hit just above the knee to give you that tailored, sexy look. At the same time, our swim shorts are not too revealing, like speedos. So, you can also wear them to dinners and other outings. 

Timeless Prints and Patterns

As the only item of clothing you will wear at the beach, you must make the most of your swim shorts. To constantly remain in style, our swim shorts come in classic, timeless patterns and prints. The coastal Australian lifestyle inspires all our swim shorts designs. 

You can effortlessly dress our swim shorts up or down to achieve your desired style. Our swim shorts can easily be styled from cool and fresh to smart casual. They are suitable to wear all day and night long. 

Comfort and Support 

Our swim shorts' internal delicate mesh briefs will give you the support you need in and out of the water. They will also offer you the coverage you are looking for. So, you will not need to wear anything underneath our swim shorts. 

After a long swim, you will not have to wait long for your swim shorts to dry. This is because our swim shorts are made of a quick-drying material. So they will be dry and ready in no time. 

Perfect Fit 

Your swim shorts will still fit you perfectly, even with small weight fluctuations. Thanks to the elastic waistband with drawstring, the size of our swim shorts can be adjusted a little. 

This guarantees the swim shorts will remain in place and not get lost in the sea. You can move freely without worrying about your swim shorts falling or too tight. 

Choose swim shorts that cover all your needs. Check out our swim shorts collection now!

November 21, 2023