In the past, men did not think much about their swimwear. However, this has changed drastically. Nowadays, swim shorts are a central part of most fashion shows. Before you get too carried away with the styles and designs of swim shorts, you must also think about functionality. 

At ORTC, we are an Australian-based clothing and lifestyle label. Our fashion and styles are all inspired by timeless designs and coastal living. With quality and functionality, you can rely on 

Our trendy swim shorts are all you need this summer. Here is why:


The trend of big surf shorts has been long gone. Today, mid-length swim shorts dominate men’s swimwear. This is the perfect length for swim shorts. It also complements all body types. 

Our swim shorts are a standard short length. They have two open pockets on the sides and one that buttons up in the back. So you can feel completely at ease in our shorts while swimming.

Perfect Fit

Trendy pool shorts should not be too constricting or baggy. That's why we tailor these swim shorts to suit you perfectly. In addition, thanks to the adjustable drawstring waist, you can wear the same swim shorts even if you gain or lose weight. 

Our swim shorts come with internal fine mesh briefs to maximise your comfort. These will provide you with the needed support and coverage without wearing underwear. 

Quick Drying Material

You can wear our swim shorts to dinners or family gatherings like regular shorts. However, unlike regular shorts, our swim shorts are made from 100% recycled polyester. 

This quick-drying material ensures you never get weighed down in the water. It is also more sustainable and eco-friendly than other materials. So after a good swim, you will not have to wait long for your swim shorts to dry. 

Variety of Colours and Prints

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. So it is an excellent opportunity to show your style and let loose. To help you uncover your true style, our swim shorts come in various colours and prints. 

Our inspiration to make our swim shorts came from our love of classic beachwear and the Australian coast.

When choosing the colours and prints of your swim shorts, think about what you will wear with them. Make sure the colours of the top do not clash with the design of your swim shorts. Prints are key to summer fashion.

So, get some cool prints for your swim shorts or the top you will pair with them. Even if you wear a classic swim shorts pattern like stripes, it adds character to your outfit. 

These swim shorts are a must-have this summer. Grab a pair online or in-store now!

November 21, 2023