Whether it's a day at the beach or by the pool, trendy swim shorts are all you need to look stylish. Gone are the days of baggy, long board shorts. Today, stylish swim shorts are a bit shorter and more fitted. 

So now is the perfect time to upgrade your summer look with one of our fashionable swim shorts.

A great pair of swim shorts is essential in the summer. At ORTC, we understand how the right swim shorts can make or break your summer look. That is why we offer a collection of trendy swim shorts to suit all tastes and complement all body types. 

Our swim shorts are all you need in and outside the water. They are incredibly comfortable for all water and beach activities. These swim shorts can also double as actual shorts whenever you need them for a night out or a family gathering. 

Here are some of the characteristics of our trending swim shorts styles for summer 2022:

Length and Cut

This is the most critical aspect of any pair of swim shorts. Today, trendy swim shorts are not too tight or too loose. Instead, they are more tailored to look great and feel comfortable when moving in the water. 

Mid-length swim shorts are trendy amongst our clients. This is the perfect length for all body types. It can be worn anywhere, not just at the beach. That's why our mid-length swim shorts are considered an investment-worthy pick. 


Fun is a synonym for spending time at the beach. Your swim shorts should reflect this vibe. If you're looking for traditional designs, check out our collection. 

You'll feel comfortable in your surroundings in this way. But, of course, your funky swim shorts design will spice things up. Our selection of stylish swim shorts features bold colour and pattern combinations. 

Our swim shorts make you look good, but they dry quickly. In addition, we use recycled polyester for all our swim trunks, so they help the environment. It will reduce your environmental footprint. 


We ensure that our swim shorts are the correct size by giving them a drawstring and an elastic waistband. These will accommodate any weight fluctuations you go through in the summer. In addition, the two side pockets and rear button-up pocket give our swim shorts a dressier look. 

You can quickly wear them like regular shorts. Our swim shorts have internal fine mesh briefs for maximum support and comfort. You will not need to wear anything under these swim shorts. 

Upgrade your swimwear style this summer. Order your trendy swim shorts online or in-store!

November 21, 2023