Mens Socks By ORTC

Looking to add a little something, something to your workwear wardrobe?

Men’s fashion is no longer limited to dark colours and classic fits. Instead, bold accessories and statement pieces help elevate workwear and show personality.

The days when sock drawers were filled with nothing but white tube socks are over. Second that for mountains of plain black dress socks. Whether it’s bold colours, striking patterns, or novelty repeats, the standard for men’s socks has shifted in a big way.

Men now start from their toes and work their way up — so kick your feet up and discover how to wear men’s socks the right way.
Style Your Mens Socks Like This!
Stand out from the crowd with our range of men’s patterned socks. You’ll add a pop of colour to your suit, without ever having to compromise your professional aesthetic! The general rule is to match your sock colour with your pants, not your shoes. However, we have seen some great pant-sock-shoe coordinations that don't generally abide by this rule.
You want fluidity in your outfit so when you're sitting with your socks exposed, it's important to have a solid line of colour from your pants to your shoes. Wearing socks that don't match your pant colour will result in a garish break in your outfit. With the exception of casual wear or if you're using the juxtaposing sock colour as part of your statement ensemble, then black socks should go with black pants and navy socks with navy pants, etc.

If you’re flashing skin over the top of your socks, then they are too short. This includes showing flesh when you’re sitting; not cool!
Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you.

A statement accessory like a pair of patterned socks can take your suit seamlessly from the ordinary to the extraordinary – with no extra effort from you. Not to mention being the perfect way to add that little bit of extra ‘spice’ to your day-to-day. We’ve even got you covered with our ‘Monday to Friday’ socks box!

If patterns aren’t your thing, try matching the colours to your ‘fit. Try darker stripes, navy checks or zigzags to tie your look together without going overboard.

Or make up your own rules and throw on a pair of seagull or pineapple socks…they’ll be a great talking piece – you’ll be amazed at just how many people compliment your unique sock choice!

Sold on our mens socks?
Browse our extensive range of men’s statement patterned socks to find a pair that will change your day-to-day wear today!

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