Some fashion choices are really rewarding. They do more than provide you with the style you need. These are also practical and versatile enough to go with almost everything else in your wardrobe. 

Yes, we are talking about quarter zips. With quarter zips, the options are endless. You can easily dress your quarter-zips up or down in a flash. 

Unfortunately, quarter-zips are not appreciated enough. They are one of the most underrated items of clothing. Unfortunately, people do not wear them as often as turtlenecks and hoodies. 

To make your quarter-zips stand out this spring, you can use these styling tips:

Casual Laid Back Look

Unlike heavy sweaters, quarter-zips are lightweight and comfortable. They can be easily styled into a relaxed, casual look. Just wear a t-shirt under your quarter-zips and throw in some jeans, and you will be ready to go. 

If you want a dressier option, replace the t-shirt with a button-down shirt. In addition, the colour of the shirt or t-shirt you wear can be a lighter shade than the quarter zips. For example, if the quarter zips are navy blue, you can try wearing a light blue t-shirt. 

You can also wear a white t-shirt. You can pair them with a patterned shirt underneath if you wear plain quarter-zips. This can also work the other way around, and patterned quarter zips can be worn with plain shirts. 

In all cases, try to coordinate the colours for a cohesive look. 

A More Classic Look

Quarter-zips can easily go from casual to classic styles. To dress your quarter zips up, wear a button-down shirt under them. Choose a shirt with a strong collar.

However, do not let the collar rest on top of the “V” of the quarter zips. If you aim to dress to impress, you can add a tie to this outfit. Just make sure the tie remains inside the quarter zips. 

Leave the sweater unzipped so the shirt collar and tie remain visible. Pair this with classic trousers; your look will be more than appropriate for a meeting or formal event. You can also throw a coat over the quarter zips if it is cold outside.

For a Night Out

The thing about quarter-zips is that they can be dressed down but will not look sloppy. They can also be dressed up without looking like they are trying too hard. Quarter-zips can also look great in semi-formal environments. 

To rock the quarter zips, wear them under a leather jacket. This will keep you extra warm on cold nights. At ORTC, we make premium-quality quarter zips.

We work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure our quarter-zips look great for years. So upgrade your style this spring. Check out our great selection of quarter-zips now!

September 08, 2022