The Quarter-zip Jumper Your Wardrobe is Missing 

We often look at our wardrobe and feel "something is missing." This feeling can be born when you cannot find the proper attire for the activity you want to engage in at that moment. 

It would help if you had a wardrobe consisting of clothes for different occasions; these occasions can be classified into three: casual, official, and sports. 

However, having clothes for specific activities can be a hassle. Thus, many will welcome the prospect of having an attire that can be used for any activity and fit perfectly. Luckily for you, a quarter-zip jumper can do the trick. 

People often refer to this clothing piece as the "quarter-zip sweater," which offers utility for casual, official, and sports activities. Indeed, these garments incorporate a unique, cool, laid-back, yet stylish appeal. You sure should have it in your wardrobe! 

This article will outline some types of quarter-zip jumpers that will bring the all-around utility your wardrobe has been missing. 

Why Should I Have a Quarter-zip jumper in My Wardrobe? 

There are days when you are less motivated to sort out your outwear for an occasion or activity; this is where quarter-zip jumpers can be of help. They can be worn for both indoor and outdoor activities and still appear pretty fashionable. 

In addition, they are a stylistic investment that offers you flexible utility in a garment. They wear them over casual wear, regular wear, official wear, and sportswear, and they can also be worn in cold seasons to provide warmth. 

The tip with this garment is that it is made from different materials; thus, the material it is made from influences the activity it will be used for. 

Top Quarter-zip Jumpers Every Wardrobe Should Have 

There are many designs of quarter-zip jumpers available today. However, specific designs will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. These designs or styles include: 

  1. Marine layer Linder quarter-zip jumper: This design blends a sweatshirt and thermal shirt featuring a tight waffle weave to ensure durability, lightweight, and warmth. It is often made from organic cotton because it has a nice sustainable touch.
  2. Armour-lux mariner sweater: This design was initially made for sea use; thus, it is rugged. It is designed to protect you from the harsh weather conditions of the wild but can also be worn for everyday activities.
  3. Flint and tinder Sherpa-lined quarter-zip jumper: This design features a burly and not-too-heavy cotton blend with Sherpa-lining. This allows it to provide warmth while retaining a sleek appeal.
  4. Peter Millar Stealth Performance quarter-zip jumpers: This design exists in more varieties than the designs mentioned above. This design is the go-to for more active participation in different activities, noting that the others are limited as they will be uncomfortable under some weather conditions. These designs are different. They can be wrong in all weather conditions and for every activity.
  5. Fjallraven Koster jumpers: This is a Scandinavian design made from lamb wool, so it provides excellent warmth and features abrasion-resistant elbow and shoulder patches. This feature makes it very durable and gives it a unique style. 


If you are considering purchasing a quarter-zip jumper for your wardrobe, this article has provided information on some of the best quarter-zip jumpers for any wardrobe. You should visit QRTC today to make a perfect choice!

September 01, 2022