Extend the Life of Your Swim Shorts with Our Care Guide

When you spend money on a great pair of swim shorts, you want them to last. At ORTC, we use 100% recycled polyester for all of our swim shorts. They’re also extremely high-quality and durable. However, you can also play a part in extending the life span of your shorts. 

Sustainable clothing care

Did you know there are some great sustainable ways to look after your clothing? First, of course, there are obvious tips such as using lower water levels in your washing machine and using more natural products instead of harmful chemicals. 

But another thing that’s particularly valuable when dealing with recycled polyester is a protective washing bag. 

Many people use these for more delicate items. However, it’s a great idea for polyester. 

Even recycles polyester sheds a few microfibres while being washed, so the bag not only protects your clothes but also traps any microplastics that would otherwise be released into waterways. 

Avoid hours in the sun.

This might sound a little strange because we’re talking about swim shorts that you wear to the beach, but this advice isn’t limited to just polyester swim shorts. 

Because polyester is a synthetic material, it does tend to fade when exposed to the hot sun for long periods. So naturally, you can’t avoid that while wearing them at the beach, but you don’t need to double up by leaving them out on the washing line all day too. 

Try drying them either inside the home or in a shady area that still gets plenty of air and wind, but not too much direct sunlight. 

Polyester doesn’t enjoy too much heat.

Polyester also doesn’t enjoy extreme heat, so it’s best to avoid washing them in hot water, to begin with. 

You’ll thank us for that when your power bill is lower! But this also means you probably shouldn’t put them in a clothes dryer. 

Again, you’ll thank us for that when the power bill comes in. But, ultimately, all types of clothing will last longer if you air-dry them rather than using a dryer. 

Wash regularly

In addition to heat, polyester also doesn’t like water much. Well, it does in the case of swim shorts because the fabric doesn’t absorb moisture very well. 

That’s exactly why they work well as swim shorts, but when it comes to other substances like sweat, you’ll find it stains easily. So, wash them regularly to avoid discolouration. 

Check out our range of swim shorts today.

All of our swim shorts at ORTC are made from 100% recycled polyester. 

While still a synthetic fabric, recycled polyester uses less water in manufacturing, less energy, and creates fewer CO2 emissions. 

It’s part of our commitment to making fashion more sustainable for future generations. 

While we want our clothing to be environmentally friendly, we also want great quality and designs. 

So, we put the work into making them look great, and we maintain strict manufacturing standards to ensure you’re always getting the very best quality. So, shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

October 20, 2022