Swim Shorts Perfect for Fun in the Sun  

Before following any trend, you must think about function as much as fashion. Swim shorts have achieved the perfect balance between functionality and style. That is why they have been trending over the past few years. 

Even if you are not doing much swimming, you will still need quality swim shorts in your wardrobe. The swim fashion trend is here to stay! Well-cut and designed swim shorts can complement all body types. 

They also provide the versatility needed in the summer. You can wear them as swimwear or as regular shorts. Here are some of the reasons why swim shorts have become a summertime standard: 

Great Inside and Outside Water 

Unlike regular shorts, swim shorts are made of quick-drying material. They will look like regular shorts from your drawer just minutes after leaving the water. Swimming shorts can make your summer outfits look fresher and more trendy if you style them well. 

You can spend the whole day in your swim shorts. They will take you comfortably from day to night. However, pair your swim shorts with a dressier top if you are headed out for dinner or drinks. 

A button-up linen shirt or a classic polo will elevate the look of your swim shorts. They will look perfect for summer night outings. No one might even notice they are swim shorts.  

Pack Light 

In the summer, you need to travel light. Trendy summer shorts are practical in this matter. They will maximise the outfit potential of your wardrobe. 

You do not have to pack extra shorts for the evening. Swim shorts will do the job and keep you comfortable during all activities. They will also free up space in your suitcase and save you the time of changing outfits.

Play With Colours and Patterns 

Swimming shorts come in various styles, from classic patterns to bright summer colours. In addition, you can get various swim shorts for different looks to make a splash this summer. All these options also allow you to express your personality and mood. 

You will find the best collection of swim shorts at ORTC. We are an Australian-based clothing and lifestyle label. These swim shorts strike the right balance between comfortable, trendy, and chic. 

The whole swim shorts collection was inspired by our lust for the Australian coast and summers spent by the ocean. But, at ORTC, we also care about the future. That is why we do our best to reduce the environmental footprint of our business. 

We use a unique 100 percent Recycled Polyester for our swim shorts. This fabric is great for swimming. It also dries fast. The designs and cuts of our swim shorts are comfortable and look great to wear outside the water. 

You can shop our range of premium swim shorts online or in-store.

So make a splash this summer. Get your trendy swim shorts today!

August 25, 2022