Spring Jumper Trends: Why We're Loving Quarter Zips!

Quarter zip jumpers had their run in the noughties, and we thought they were gone forever. However, with fashion moving more towards comfort, quarter zips are experiencing a resurgence. This is why.

July 05, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

You are Going to Love Our New Season Swim Shorts for Your Euro Summer!

The Euro summer is when we spend most of our day outdoors rather than indoors. The beach is one place we all love to be. However, something as small as our clothing on the beach can affect the fun and exciting experience we aim to have.

May 25, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

Swim Shorts That Won't Fade!

Your swim shorts probably caught your eye because of how vivid and colourful they were, and when they stopped looking as good, you probably stopped wearing them. So while it may be functional as swim shorts, consider whether or not it is aesthetically pleasing. 

May 18, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

How to Style Your ORTC Swim Shorts Away From the Beach

The fabric used to make swim shorts is interesting. Style, prints, designs, patterns, etc., add a playful element to the garments. However, the benefits of wearing such garments depend on the fabric's quality. 

May 11, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

High-Quality Swim Shorts Designed in Adelaide!

It is time you quit those low-quality swim shorts you purchase because they are cheap. Yes, it is low cost, but is it cost-effective? First, you should know that “cost-effective” and “low-cost” are two distinct qualities.

May 04, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

Having a Euro Summer? Get Yourself a Pair of Our Swim Shorts!

From Iceland to Italy, Europe has some of the best beaches in the world. From rocky and sandy beaches to busy or secluded islands, Europe offers something for every traveller. However, before indulging in a European summer experience, you must get the best swim shorts.  

April 27, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

How to Style Our New Range of Swim Shorts

Wearing swim shorts almost everywhere is now considered standard in the fashion world. However, this was not always the case. In the past, swim shorts were made of materials and designs unsuitable for summer outings. 

April 20, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

Swim Shorts You Can Wear Casually From ortc Clothing Co.

Today, wearing swim shorts outside the beach or pool area is not a fashion no-no anymore. Swim trunks that can double as regular shorts are gaining more popularity. 

April 13, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

Bathers Don’t Have to Be Boring...Check Out These Swim Shorts Styles From ortc!

The beach is the best place to let loose. Therefore, you should choose swim shorts that help you bring out the fun side of your personality. Boring, dull swim shorts' colours and designs have no place on the beach. We wear these colours for work or other formal events most of the year anyway. 

March 30, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

How to Style Our New Season Swim Shorts

The style of many people just gets lost at sea. Yes, the beach has relaxing, cool vibes. However, that does not mean you can get away with true fashion crimes. That is why you need to choose your swim shorts carefully. 

March 23, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

Swim Shorts You’ll Want to Wear Over and Over

Nowadays, swim shorts are no longer just for wearing on the beach. They should also double as regular shorts that you can wear almost anywhere. That is why the aspects that make great swim shorts have changed drastically. 

March 16, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz

These Swim Shorts Can Be Worn Almost Anywhere!

Nowadays, swim shorts are not meant to be worn just at the beach. The quality and style of swim shorts have significantly evolved over the past years. That is why modern swim shorts can be worn almost anywhere. You just need to choose suitable swim shorts and style them correctly. 

March 09, 2023 — Ihsan Imtiyaz