What Your Statement Socks Are Saying About You

Statement socks are back! You can now put a bit more colour into your outfit with a smart choice in colourful, patterned socks. However, choose carefully, because your socks can say a lot about you… 

First, consider how you wear statement socks.

Style has a lot to do with how you wear something. If you wear statement socks, don’t just hide them away by bunching them up at your ankles. 

Unless they’re extremely colourful, and this can still work. Otherwise, pull them up and put them in full view. You’re making a statement, after all! 

If you do choose to put them on full display, though, you should consider colour coordination very carefully because getting it wrong probably shows people you don’t know what you’re doing with your style. 

Suitable for the occasion?

Secondly, consider whether your socks are suitable for the occasion because a slip-up there probably says a lot about you. 

If you’re attending a funeral, it might not be the time to wear your bright yellow statement socks. Again, a formal work dinner is probably not the time and place to go too bold with the colours. 

However, when you’ve got a bit more freedom in how you dress, it’s the perfect chance to let your personality shine through your socks. 

Choose socks that mean something.

If you want your statement socks to say the right things about you, then choose a pair that means something. 

In the ORTC range alone, we’ve got heaps of different patterns and designs, including dogs, seagulls, cricket gear, surfers, kangaroos, pineapples and plenty more. So, if you’re going for something with a series of small images, make sure it has something to do with you. For example, you might love cycling, so choose socks with pictures of bikes. If you enjoy fishing, grab some fish patterns. 

If you love boats or the ocean, you can also get a nautical design, like stripes. This is a bit more laid-back and has less novelty, but it still says something about your life and interests. 

Colours that suit your look

Finally, choose colours that match your overall look. If you never wear bright clothes, then a colourful pair of socks might not be your thing. 

But for the fashion-forward types out there, you’ll already know how to match colours well. You can use socks as an accessory, for example, choosing red socks if you’re wearing a red hat. It ties the look together without being over-the-top bright. 

Check out our range of socks today.

There are so many different designs out there when it comes to socks. Here at ORTC, we stock a huge range of statement socks full of bold covers, unique patterns and timeless, classic designs. So there is something for everybody. 

So, now that you know what to consider when buying statement socks, you can ditch those boring old black and white ones in favour of something more personal. So, shop now, and get your feet into some ORTC socks today. 

October 20, 2022