Why Our Swim Shorts are the Best Quality!

Looking for great quality swim shorts that will have you looking and feeling amazing all summer? With a commitment to the highest manufacturing standards and a focus on modern design, ORTC swim shorts give you exactly what you need. 

We believe in offering summer clothing that lasts because you shouldn’t have to spend your hard-earned money on new clothes year after year. With ORTC’s swim shorts, you’ll get plenty of use out of them before you need a new pair. 

Not only is this great for your hip pocket, but also the environment. Less consumption of cheap, disposable clothing means less manufacturing and damage to the environment. 

The highest manufacturing standards

Many clothing companies outsource their manufacturing to the cheapest source possible. We take a bit more care than that. All of our products are designed in Australia but manufactured in China. 

 However, we take special care to maintain close communication with our manufacturers to liaise on quality. That means ethical manufacturing in terms of work conditions and environmentally friendly practices. Our reputation is built on quality, so we don’t take any chances. 

Quality control

We’re pretty particular about where our clothing comes from. That means we maintain extremely close contact with our manufacturers to ensure only the very best materials are being used in our clothing. 

We also do quality checks to ensure our swim shorts are being manufactured in an environmentally friendly way without losing any of the high standards that we expect. 

Recycled polyester

We use recycled polyester for our swim shorts, and it’s not just because recycled products are more eco-friendly. Polyester is known to hold its shape, and it won’t be damaged so easily if you wash it in hot water. 

Also, it dries quickly, so if you’re at the beach and want to stay in your swim shorts to go and do something else, you can. 

Best of all, the fabric feels great, so you don’t have to sacrifice any comfort to get the best quality swim shorts. 

Brilliant designs

Of course, quality isn’t just about the fabric and stitching. It’s also about the designs because we all want to look good when hitting the beach or pool during summer! We put a lot of effort into providing designs that everybody can enjoy. 

We’ve got basic designs, such as stripes for a nautical feel, and they look great on everybody. There are also dots, floral patterns and much more to choose from. Some of our designs are even inspired by indigenous artwork, and they look great in a range of colours. 

Check out our range of swim shorts today

We’ve got a great range of swim shorts here at ORTC, with something for every taste. Our shorts not only look great, but we use the highest manufacturing standards to ensure you get quality every time. 

So rather than buying cheap, disposable shorts that you’ll throw out after a couple of months, look for something that lasts. 

Come in and check out our awesome range today, and see why people are falling in love with our swim shorts. If you’d like to buy online, shop now, and get ready to hit the beach with ORTC.

February 24, 2022