Today, swim shorts are not meant to be worn just on the beach. They should also double as regular shorts that you can wear anywhere. That is why you need to choose high-quality swim shorts that are well-tailored. 

At ORTC, we do not just make swim shorts that are trendy and stylish. Our swim shorts are also functional, durable, and comfortable. You can wear them all year. Here is why:


The fit is everything when it comes to finding the best pair of swim shorts. Long, baggy swim shorts are not trendy anymore. In the water, they will feel highly uncomfortable. All this fabric will just slow you down. Speedos are also not a good idea if you plan to wear your swim shorts for outings or dinners. 

That is why we chose mid-length for our swim shorts. This length is perfect for any activity. You can comfortably swim and surf wearing these swim shorts. Heading afterwards to a gathering or just running errands? Our mid-length swim shorts look trendy and stylish. 

They will give you a casual yet put-together look. You can look more put-together but still casual with a buttoned-up linen shirt or a classic polo shirt. You can pair our swim shorts with a sweatshirt when the weather gets colder. 


You do not have to worry about wearing our swim shorts as regular shorts. No one will notice the difference; our swim shorts look like normal bottoms. You can wear them every day. Whether at the beach or to dinner, our swim shorts will give you a stylish, elegant look. 

Even if you have no plans for swimming or going to the beach, you can wear swim shorts. The durable, high-quality fabric makes these swim shorts comfortable to wear. However, they do not look too much like swimwear. So, you can rock them as regular shorts. 

Our swim shorts come in various colours and patterns to suit all tastes and styles. We offer a selection of classic prints that will give you an elegant look on outings. We also have some boldly patterned swim shorts if you want to let loose this summer. 


Over the years, the materials used for swim shorts have come a long way. To maximise comfort and practicality, we chose only the best fabrics for our swim shorts. Our swim shorts, made out of 100% recycled polyester, are not just durable and trendy. They are also sustainable and eco-friendly. 

The quick-drying material of our swim shorts will keep you cool and comfortable during any activity. Our swim shorts also have fine mesh briefs for coverage and support. They also come with two side pockets and a rear button-up pocket to add more practicality and style.

Invest in swim shorts you can enjoy in and out of the water. Order now!

November 21, 2023