Wearing swim shorts almost everywhere is now considered standard in the fashion world. However, this was not always the case. In the past, swim shorts were made of materials and designs unsuitable for summer outings. 

Unfortunately, some of these swim shorts still exist today. That is why you need to choose your swim shorts carefully. 

At ortc Clothing Co., we offer a wide range of swim shorts that can effortlessly double as regular summer wear. Our swim shorts are made of comfortable, lightweight, quick-drying material. 

They are designed to look and feel like regular shorts. In addition, our swim shorts are practical enough to make you feel comfortable in the water. 

Getting stylish swim shorts all day and night is just the beginning. First, you need to know how to style your swim shorts correctly. Otherwise, your look might not be suitable for the occasion or outing. 

To help you style our new range of swim shorts, here are some tips:

Casual, Relaxed Style

As a season, summer has this casual, relaxed vibe. You can pair your swim shorts with a graphic T-shirt to match the summer spirit. This is an excellent style for running errands or hitting the beach bar. 

Another great casual option is tank tops. However, this is a more relaxed look. Nevertheless, it is fantastic for those long summer days. 

You can get out of the water in a few minutes. Our swim shorts also come with internal fine mesh briefs. So you can rest assured that you will get coverage and support. 

Dressier Outings

Our mid-length swim shorts have two side pockets and one rear button-up pocket. These pockets give your swim shorts a dressier appearance. 

Pair them with a polo shirt or button-up top to style our swim shorts. This style is suitable for a dinner or lounge setting—pair patterned swim shorts with solid-coloured tops. Otherwise, the look will seem too busy. 

Colder Weather Looks

Our swim shorts can be worn almost all year. You can pair your swim shorts with a sweatshirt during those chilly summer nights or spring evenings. This will make you feel warmer and look stylish at the same time. 

Footwear to Complete the Style

Some people do not pay much attention to footwear. Loafers and boat shoes will elevate your swim shorts. Sneakers and slip-on shoes are appropriate for casual styles.

Feel comfortable and look stylish all year. Order your swim shorts today!

November 21, 2023